The RHOP Cast is Critical of Chris Bassett’s Treatment of Candiace Dillard on Recent Episode

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Candiace Dillard’s feuds are exhausting for Chris Bassett.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard clashed with Mia Thornton and Ashley Darby on the recent episode. Things went left with Mia after she called the “Drive Back” music video shoot low budget. In response, Candiace said that Mia’s mother is low budget. And when Mia called Candiace and Askale Davis “broke b*tches,” Candiace said Mia’s mother is a broke b*tch. At the time, Candiace didn’t know

that Mia’s mother is a recovering drug addict. Even though she told Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon she felt bad after learning about Mia’s childhood, she was hurt that Mia was critical of her work. Regardless, the heated moment led to salad being thrown. And it was Candiace’s husband Chris Bassett who tried to calm Candiace down.

Candiace also got into it yet again with Ashley Darby. Ashley isn’t happy about Candiace’s past tweets about Michael Darby. Things got even worse when Ashley brought up last season’s physical altercation. She doesn’t think Candiace has learned her lesson from the situation. This resulted in Candiace going off and calling out Ashley for writing a character statement to aid Monique Samuels.

Well, Chris tried to calm down Candiace during her latest shouting match with Ashley. He wasn’t successful and decided to walk out of the restaurant to cool off. Interestingly enough, some of the other ladies were critical of Chris’ actions when they recently discussed what went down.

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  • ummm What are these dizzy chicks talking bout? They have seen this man repeatedly try to calm this "child" down. They know she's unstable and her wreckless mouth is why he's exhausted. She yells therapy because she knows she should be seeing one full-time that's not named Dot. Her berating CV of a mamma is because of her dysfunctional relationship with her mamma. Let's not pretend that chiwahwah Dullard is not wayyyyy over the legal limit on of crazy for this man to just sit there and do and say nothing when SHE is the one flipping out on camera. I think he did the right thing. If she wanna keep running her like duck mouth let the chips fall where they may. Her 2bd a$$whipping is coming. No one should have to give you brown liquor or sit on you or push you out the room or cuss you out to remind you to act like an adult. Oh and chiwahwah actually knocked over something on the table first.

    • You'd think Candiace would watch her mouth after threatening Monique! Monique was more interesting to watch than Wendy and Askale. They both boring as h-ll.

  • So is Candiace going to drag Robyn and Gizelle for talking about Chris or is it only an issue when it’s people she doesn’t like?

  • I think Chris does the best he can do when Candiace has her temper tantrums. But I can see why it would make everyone else uncomfortable.

  • They gotta understand that a softer approach may not work while Candiace is crying and screaming. He’s trying his best but Candiace needs therapy.

  • Gizelle and Robyn trying to jump on anything because of their horrible relationships. Nor Gizelle or Robyn ever have a man near to calm them down. They love relationship drama when they have no stable relationship. Besides Robyn is too manly for Juan.

  • I'm not saying Chris gets it right all the time and he doesn't make any mistakes. But Candiace is a handful. Nearly nothing works to calm her down. I find her more scary than Chris. And if something doesn't change, I worry about their marriage. She has got to get control of her emotional issues. She's getting worse.

  • These women are comical...Chris did the best he could to control that situation. Candice is truly out of control. Batman and Robin are said and destructive of any relationship because the lack of their own. Ashley is glad she doesn't have to explain her her sponsorship for the first time in a long time. Be clear I don't like Candice AT ALLLLLLL but these ladies are reaching with this.

  • Chris was right to try and remove Candice from the situation. Candice needs therapy she gets worse each season and it's sad. I feel bad for him. I wouldn't want to take someone like Candiace out in public cause she don't knows how to act.

  • Oh please they are reaching. They need to be more outraged at Candiace behavior. That's where it starts and stops.

  • Candiace needs to GO! She is rude, vulgar & gutter class. Bravo has to
    know there is a strong possibility
    Candiace may eventually push someone too far!! Maybe that's what she's trying to do so she can get some money through a law suit. I know cast have to sign agreements
    but Candiaces actions & mouth may push someone into giving her the A&&whipping she seems to want. I hope Bravo removes her b4 anything
    terrible like this happens. I for one think Candiace should be thankful it hasn't happened so far!! At the rate she's going it will,in some phase of her life more than likely.

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