Tahiry Jose is Tired of Being Associated with Joe Budden

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According to Tahiry Jose, it’s time for everyone to move on from her past with Joe Budden.

Tahiry Jose‘s return to “Love And Hip Hop New York” forced her to recall her romantic past with Joe Budden. During season 10, Joe was trying to figure things out with Cyn Santana. Their engagement didn’t work out. But both wanted to co-parent their son without any contention. With Tahiry back on the show, Erica Mena figured she should try to get Joe and Tahiry to reconnect. And she was in support of them getting back together.

Cyn felt like Erica was just being spiteful considering their own messy breakup years ago. Even though Tahiry and Joe weren’t open to reconciling, Tahiry did have moments when she discussed their past. When she was asked by producers to reflect on her past moments with Joe, she broke down in tears at one point. Joe was even brought up while Tahiry filmed “Marriage Boot Camp” with Vado. Then Tahiry had some things to say about both exes when Joe was trending on social media for jokingly saying he was bis*xual. Regardless, Tahiry now may want people to move on from her past with Joe.

Days ago, she tweeted about the type of man she really wants. She wrote, “If he ain’t tall, athletic & dark chocolate, I’mma cheat! ON GOD! Lmao, let me stop before God sends me white chocolate and this tweet pops up! ? ”

After a follower joked that Tahiry may end up with a Joe Budden look alike, she was over it. She wrote, “I’ve had a couple side pieces, boyfriends, friends w/benefits, almost husbands & borrowed a few! When in the entire f*ck are you guys gonna let this Joe ex sh*t go?! Ciz I the f*ck been did!”

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