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‘Insecure’ Recap: Molly Has a Family Emergency + Issa Runs Into Lawrence

Insecure Season 5 episode 5

Photo Credit: HBO

Molly gets bad news.

The episode begins with Molly and a new man spending quality time together in the bedroom. When they’re done, Molly hears her phone going off. She has multiple missed calls from her Dad, Curtis, and Jerome. Molly calls back and rushes off.

She ended up in the emergency room with her family. The doctor approaches them with bad news. He tells them to prepare their final goodbyes. Fortunately, the doctor confused their mom with another woman. Molly’s mom hasn’t awakened and Molly’s dad is angry. While he’s distraught, Molly approaches her mom’s nurse requesting to be added to the list for her mom’s power of attorney. The nurse obliges.

Issa heads right to Molly’s side for support.

Meanwhile, Issa and Nathan are waking up for their day. Their morning engagements were canceled for them both. But after a bit of passive small talk, they passively plan an afternoon date if Molly cancels their lunch date. Things get tense, however, when Issa calls Molly and learns about Molly’s mom.

Nathan drives Issa to the hospital to spend time with Molly during her time of need. Issa checks in on Molly when she arrives, they end up switching clothes as Molly still had her nightclub attire on. Moly then gets a ride from Nathan to Molly’s spot.

When they get to Molly’s they get her clothes and Nathan notices Molly’s dog, Flavor Flav. The dog doesn’t have food so he suggests taking the dog for a walk. Back at the hospital, everyone finds out Molly’s mom had a stroke and Taurean calls about a proposal. Despite her Mom’s stroke, Molly’s motivated to work on the project for work.

Molly gets frustrated with her father.

Meanwhile, Issa got a change of clothes from Molly’s place and is walking the dog. Issa’s mom calls after Issa left a heartwarming voicemail. Nathan’s also noticed by her mom and she immediately gets nosey and Nathan doesn’t disagree with being called her boyfriend. Things get chaotic when they realize they lost track of Molly’s dog. Back at the hospital, Molly becomes angry when her dad confirms the news that this wasn’t her mom’s first stroke.

While they are looking for Flavor Flav, Issa’s impressed with Nathan’s experience looking for lost dogs. He tells the story of how he ended up looking for his lost family dog.

Later on, Molly hears from the doctor that the stroke could’ve caused paralysis in her mom. On a positive note, Flavor Flav found his way back to Issa and Nathan. Issa’s really happy and tells Nathan that this is why she loves him. The scene ends with a kiss between the two. But Nathan doesn’t say it back.

Eventually, Issa makes it back to the hospital and becomes a listening ear for Molly. Molly’s frustrated that her mom never opened up about her health. When Molly leaves to get coffee for them both, Issa runs spots Condola who’s also at the hospital with Lawrence and their son. Lawrence and Issa make eye contact but they don’t speak.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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