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RHOP Recap: Chris Goes off About Being Accused of Living off Candiace + Nicki Calls out Ashley

rhop season 6 episode 20

Photo Credit: Bravo

Robyn and Wendy discuss their fall out.

Wendy says that she was upset with Robyn because she didn’t defend her when the rumor was brought to the group. And Robyn acted like she didn’t know what the rumor was. Robyn says she didn’t know what Ashley said to Wendy. But Wendy takes out a poster board of a text message exchange with Robyn. And they discussed the rumor via text in January. Robyn says that the girls’ trip took place in March. Since they had already discussed how ridiculous the rumor was, she didn’t think that is what Wendy was upset about.

Andy thinks this just means that it was a misunderstanding between Robyn and Wendy. But Wendy disagrees and she’s convinced Robyn was being messy.

Andy isn’t feeling Wendy’s receipts.

Gizelle says she planned on talking to Wendy about everything but Wendy was defensive after they told her that she changed since last season. So she decided Ashley should be the person to talk to Wendy.

Mia questions why Wendy is mad if the rumor isn’t even true. But for Wendy, she says that she’s going to protect Eddie’s reputation. Regardless, Wendy believes Gizelle was attacking her in a calculated way. Gizelle denies this and says they talked ahead of the season and Wendy wasn’t angry about anything. And they talked about a lot.

Wendy then pulls up copies of her phone records and she says that it shows she didn’t talk to Gizelle for a long period of time. The one phone conversation they had lasted one minute. But Andy isn’t impressed by Wendy’s receipts. He doesn’t think they can compare to Monique’s binder.

Regardless, Ashley apologizes for making Wendy feel like they were attacking her femininity and self-esteem.

Juan has regrets.

Robyn opens up about her bout with seasonal depression. When it comes to Juan, she says that even though he was critical, he later felt bad for his reaction. And he was just used to her always being the strong one.

Her hat business is still doing very well. And she’s focusing on e-commerce. Although she’s planning to get remarried next year, the majority of the cast doesn’t think it’s actually going to happen.

And when it comes to having another baby, Juan has been “shooting up the club.”

Producers come with more flash backs.

The husbands join the stage. Juan and Michael aren’t there. Dorothy calls Candiace. She says she just answered questions at the video shoot. And she’s open to apologizing to Chris in person for what she said.

A fan writes in and questions why Ashley was so offended by Gordon’s behavior when Michael has done so much worse. Ashley says that Michael has never been overtly s*xual towards anyone in the group. But Andy disagrees. He says that Michael said that he would suck Juan’s d*ck. Ashley says Michael was just joking.

Ashley goes on to say that Michael has never made Karen uncomfortable like Gordon has. Karen says she was getting to know Gordon and he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. Gizelle says that this is the point. And Michael has never crossed the line with the group. Producers then flash back to scenes of Michael groping Katie’s ex-boyfriend.

Regardless, Gordon apologizes for what he said to Ashley while they were on the bus. She accepts.

Mia is called out.

Chris says that he wasn’t actually Candiace’s manager. He feels more like a glorified secretary and he doesn’t manage her career. He also says that he has never quit a job in his life. And any info Dorothy gets about his finances is from blogs. Not him.

They then talk about Mia’s salad tossing tweet about Chris. Mia says she did this after Candiace called her handsome. And she retracted it publicly immediately. Candiace can’t understand why Mia would even say this. And she didn’t like that Mia posted a zoomed-in photo of her feet. But Mia says that Candiace has been saying things about her feet all season long. Candiace then says that Mia is just mad because she called her out about being obsessed with her and nothing but a fan of the show.

Wendy interjects and slams for saying that Eddie was afraid to make eye contact with her after they played a game and asked the husbands who they were attracted to in the group. Mia told Gordon that it made Wendy seem insecure. Wendy flips this and says that Mia is the insecure one. And that’s why she likes to accuse everyone else of this.

Gizelle has nothing for Eddie.

Eddie is asked how he felt about the rumor being brought up on the show. He believes Gizelle didn’t show any concern for him and the children. She sees no need in apologizing to him because she said she didn’t think the rumor was true.

Chris goes off.

After the group discusses how Ray has helped Karen with her business ventures, Chris questions why everyone shades him for helping Candiace. Gizelle says that the difference is Ray was the breadwinner for years. Chris says that he’s tired of them acting like he is a broke bum living off Candiace. He also says that he didn’t want to pay the mortgage for Dorothy’s income property before they were married.

Ashley is in the hot seat when Nicki arrives.

The husbands end their segment. Andy and the producers then get Nicki Minaj set up to surprise the ladies. The women are in shock when she walks onto the stage. She will now take Andy’s place and ask her own questions. But she wants them all to know she loves them all. And these are questions from her and her fans.

The first person Nicki addresses is Ashley. She asks if Ashley did Gizelle’s dirty work because she didn’t have a storyline since she just had a baby.

Part three ends on a cliffhanger before Ashley can answer.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Tea

    November 22, 2021 at 12:15 am

    Seems like Candiace was trying to take up for Ashley when Nicki said that. Wow wasn’t expecting that. 🥺

  2. Trina

    November 22, 2021 at 8:46 am

    Robyn is not going to get remarried.

  3. Staying Anonymous

    November 22, 2021 at 10:30 am

    Candiace stood up for Ashley because even she could see Nicki was doing too much. Ashley still had a job to do and anyone with sense could tell she came on the trip last minute and lit the match because producers told her to. When will people realize how overly produced these reality shows are? Nicki could take time off after a baby. Ashley couldn’t contractually and that trip was mandatory.

  4. Ms. Jackson

    November 22, 2021 at 10:36 am

    Candiace gets on my last nerve but I respect the fact she wasn’t about to let Nicki scare her. She doesn’t f-ck with Ashley but she’s not about to let an outsider drag her either because they all understand what it’s like to have this job. Ashley can’t just sit out trips and not participate in the drama because she just had a baby. Bravo doesn’t give a f-ck. If Candiace continues to be real like she was here, I just might start liking her. And Chris is over the disrespect and I completely understand.

  5. anon anon

    November 22, 2021 at 10:39 am

    I’m wondering when everyone else is going to figure out that Candiace and Ashley might really be friends in real life and fake fight for the show. That’s definitely the case for Gizelle and Karen. This show is just entertainment after all.

  6. Me

    November 22, 2021 at 12:42 pm

    Poor Chris.

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