‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Don Brumfield Goes off on Neek Bey

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Charmaine Bey’s issues with Don Brumfield are still unresolved.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Charmaine Bey has been struggling to get 2nd City Ink where she wants it to be. The tattoo shop has been full of drama since Charmaine hasn’t been able to focus on it the way she wants. Charmaine has been trying to deal with the loss of another parent. Plus, she’s also pregnant with her second child with Neek Bey. Miss Kitty and Draya Penzo offered to help her as she dealt with personal hardships. However, Charmaine didn’t want to hand over too much of her power. This led to blowups. Kitty was fired and Draya quit the shop. Plus, Charmaine and Neek clashed with Prince, the former lead artist at 2nd City Ink.

On the recent episode, Ryan Henry decided that the group needed a team-building retreat. His plan was to get the 2nd City Ink crew to hash things out. However, Charmaine’s apology to Prince wasn’t well received. And while Charmaine is open to repairing things with Kitty, she washed her hands of Draya.

Well, the drama continues on the season finale. In fact, Neek has a heated moment with Don Brumfield. Neek already wasn’t feeling the fact that Don expressed he wanted to fix his friendship with Charmaine. So things get explosive after the two men come face to face.

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  1. I wanna know why Char is so obsessed with Prince’s relationship with his girl. I understand chick is Char’s bestie but Char is way too involved. Char should 100% step back and out and find something else to mess up.

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