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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: K. Michelle and Lyrica Clash, Yet Again + A1 Apologizes?

Marriage Boot Camp Season 19 Episode 6 Recap

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K. Michelle and Lyrica clash in the morning.

The episode begins as day 5 ends and K. Michelle going off on A1 and Lyrica, and A1 and Lyrica are going off on producers for their cell phones. In her interview, Lyrica’s “ready for war,” as she feels disrespected by K. Michelle.

Both couples go to bed angry as they talk about their past and current drama. This includes K. Michelle telling Kastan about the source of her past tension with Lyrica. She doesn’t like that she invited Lyrica to be her opening act at a past show but Lyrica arrived late.

In the morning, Emmet and Gangsta Boo are in a better mood. Meanwhile, Dr. Ish and Judge Toler feel like they finally saw the real K. Michelle and Lyrica. Interestingly enough, Kastan is with A1, Lyrica, and the other couples. Things were calm at this point. However, tension instantly rises when K. Michelle walks into the kitchen. 

They quickly exchange words and Lyrica throws glasses and water bottles at K. Michelle.

Dr. Ish and security spring into action trying to separate them as Lyrica tries to swing on K. Michelle. Once they are separated, Dr. Ish takes A1 and Lyrica out by the pool to talk and they repeatedly say they want to go home. Meanwhile, K. Michelle is going off about Lyrica in the game room.

A1 tries to talk it out.

Eventually, A1 comes into the game room to apologize to K. Michelle about everything and accept responsibility. Dr. Ish encourages K. Michelle to accept it and move on, which she does. 

Later on, Dr. Ish has the couples come together outside before their next task. K. Michelle apologizes to the couples as A1 and Lyrica decide to seemingly skip the latest exercise. The task focuses on how the couples are physically intimate with one another. This task forces the couples to open up about very personal moments.

The couples took from the drill about communication and the importance of it during their intimate moments.

After the exercise, the couples are out by the pool talking about the earlier incident. They all don’t like how A1 and Lyrica separated themselves from the rest of them. Meanwhile, Dr. Ish and Lyrica head to their room and they aren’t present. Eventually, A1 and Lyrica come back to the room and Dr. Ish talks to them again. He cautions them to not fight or throw anything for their duration in the house.

When Dr. Ish leaves, A1 pulls Lyrica aside to talk about the issue, telling Lyrica to let the beef with K. Michelle go, and focus on what they need to focus on.

Tensions rise when A1 and Lyrica are in the kitchen and A1 advises K. Michelle to let it go. Rich Dollaz tells the both of them they have the most to lose in the house.

K. Michelle tries to speak to A1, which infuriates Lyrica.

Later in the evening, the couples are presented with puppets of themselves. They will use the puppets to act out s*x positions. This exercise brings out other unresolved tension between the couples and their communication issues.

After this exercise, Judge Toler calls out both K. Michelle and Lyrica for their actions in the past 24 hours.

As people turn in for the night, things turn back up between K. Michelle and Lyrica. Lyrica tells K. Michelle to “talk to her” if she wants to talk to A1. Their partners and security separate them as the ladies go back and continue to hurl insults at one another.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. deb

    May 6, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    I used to love A1 & Lyrica but this trip I could have done without them being on the show, it’s sad because I was looking forward to seeing them both. That thing with the phones spooked me, they could have stayed home and talked on the phones.

  2. octlibra

    May 7, 2022 at 1:37 am

    This episode was an absolute sh-t show.
    Let’s just break it on down to the real deal Holyfield shall we?

    1) Lyrica & Steak Sauce: Lyrica clearly doesn’t want her husband. That was a known fact on L&HH. She made a move with their child. I was actually very proud of her for doing that. So now yet another show now to take jabs at her husband. It’s clear she wants get back.

    2) K.Michelle & Kastan: I’m still not quite understanding their dynamic. Except she wants a child. She has a son already why not mother him? I’m wondering if she can carry a baby, doesn’t she still have silicone floating around in her body? I think she’s being too demanding of that man and I’m surprised he hasn’t run away.
    MBC knew what they were doing when they cast these 2 couples on the show. It’s funny to me how K. Michelle & Lyrica we’re having small talk day one…the fuse was lit.

    • Lil ol Me

      May 8, 2022 at 2:27 pm

      @Octlibra You Win! Insight on 10. Lyrica & A1 could actually make it with therapy. They really love each other. K. will stay a disappointment for me. College educated and ignorant af. Messy as hell. Makes me wonder about her dentist “fiance”. I believe she wants him to father her child because he’s a good specimen and he’s still there AND Idris didn’t work out 🙃 and yup she needs to focus on the kid that’s here. I wonder how a child feels constantly seeing their parents focus is on another child that’s not even here yet but probably feels like the kid here has everything money can buy and shouldn’t have complaints. Maybe we’ll get an open letter one day. S/O #OctoberBabies (10/25 Scorpio).

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