Bambi Says Brandi Maxiell is Doing Too Much on ‘Basketball Wives’

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It’s hard for Bambi to watch “Basketball Wives” now.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Bambi takes her friendships very seriously. And she has made it known that she will always ride for her friends. She doesn’t care if that leads to drama either. So she has her thoughts on Malaysia Pargo’s latest drama on “Basketball Wives.” As of now, Malaysia isn’t in a good place with Brandi Maxiell. The two ladies fell out and haven’t spoken in a few years. However, they were forced to address their issues on the current season. This is due to the fact that some of the “Basketball Wives LA” ladies have returned for Season 10.

During a recent interview with “The Domenick Nati Show,” Bambi said that Brandi was pressing the issue a bit too much.

“Her and Brandi, I try to stay out of it because they had a friendship that didn’t involve me. But to be honest, I don’t like watching this show seeing Brandi kind of come for Malaysia right now cause Malaysia was in a space where she just kind of wanted to deal with her own issues she had going on and not really get into all that other sh*t.”

She continued, “It was a bad time for her. And then I feel like Brandi is kind of pressing the issue a little bit.”

Bambi feels as if Brandi Maxiell is overdoing it.

Bambi feels like Brandi is just doing too much at this point, “Brandi is kind of doing too much right now, to be honest, I feel like. It’s like girl, pipe down.”

She did like Brandi prior to the fallout, “I mean, I’ve met her being with Malaysia a few times and I feel like she was very much a nice lady and everything. But right now seeing them and their friendship do whatever it’s doing, it’s really hard for me to watch. It really is hard because I did like Brandi when her and Malaysia were friends. When they were cool, I liked her. But Malaysia’s my friend. Don’t get it twisted. If she don’t like somebody then, you know, I’m just that kind of friend, I don’t like you either.”

When asked why she thinks Brandi continues to address the situation with Malaysia on the show, Bambi said, “Because look at ‘Basketball Wives.’ They need to pick that sh*t up. That sh*t was f*cking boring. They need to get it cracking. She’s getting it cracking by picking on Malaysia.”

And she was asked if Brandi is just doing this for a storyline, “Probably. Where you been, Brandi? She was gone. All them other ladies was gone like not around. They have to come back with a vengeance. They have to come back and turn up. And that’s what they’re doing.”

Check out the full interview below.

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  1. I said I forgot how annoying Brandi was until she came back. She always does too much and it’s never warranted. She will create scenarios and realities in her mind and then picks fights with people based off her delusions.

  2. Brandi is annoying but she’s TELLING THE
    TRUTH ABOUT Malaysia. Malaysia switched
    up as soon as Shaunie and Evelyn let her in
    the clique. Now they’re gone and she’s on
    an island by herself. She had beef with ALL
    the women on the cast Brooke, Duffey,
    British, Jackie and now Brandi. It’s starting
    to seem true what Evelyn said, Malaysia has

  3. I don’t think Brandi is doing too much so Bambi needs to come correct.It’s a TV so Brandi knows the deal nd why she’s got to bring nd Malaysia knows that.Of coarse Bambi is gonna defend Malaysia bc that’s her buddy bc she use to be on Basketball Wives too nd as I see it Bambi seems to be somewhat jealous of Brandi nd Malaysia relationship as friends just like Malaysia is jealous of Brandi friendship with Duffy bc she never liked Duffy for no reason.As I see it Brandi nd Malaysia lost communication somewhere idk how but both ladies had things going on in their personal life nd again just got caught up in iy nd lost touch,but I think a big part of their friends separation is the fact of Brandi friendship with Duffy is one of the reason.I think they are cool still but on TV they’re making it like they are enemies but it is entertainment but also lies

  4. I don’t know why some of you are still salty about Malaysia making up with Shaunie and em when Brandi did too. Get over it. Y’all sound childish. And pressed. Bambi is right. You could look at Malaysia’s face and tell she wasn’t lying about not knowing Brandi’s father passed. If you haven’t spoken to someone in 3 years, it doesn’t make sense to expect them to know what’s going on in your life. Brandi is still very immature and it does seem like she is doing the most for television.

  5. I love Brandi Max..I love the show I’m so glad its back. I hope none of the haters come back.. I hope O.G comes back and Tami R. But, I doubt they will. The cast is good the way it is!! Oh yes and lay-lay is and has always been weirdo and stuck up in my opinion and I’m from Inglewood, CA 90301 with an I not an E All Day!! Yay-Yayy!!

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