Dennis McKinley Causes a Stir on Social Media + Has a Message for Bravo

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People had a lot to say about Porsha Williams’ engagement.

Dennis McKinley and Porsha Williams‘ fallout played out on social media as well as “Porsha’s Family Matters.” According to Porsha, their co-parenting relationship took a turn after she got engaged to Simon Guobadia. Interestingly enough, the engagement was controversial in itself. Many met Simon’s ex-wife Falynn Pina for the first time when she appeared on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She was introduced as Porsha’s friend. They hung out together on the show. And Porsha even enjoyed time in Falynn and Simon’s swimming pool.

Even though the optics didn’t look good, Porsha said that it wasn’t that messy of a situation. And she and Falynn were never actually friends. So she didn’t feel like she betrayed Falynn at all.

Regardless, Falynn felt some type of way about Porsha and Simon’s romance. However, Simon has accused Falynn of cheating on him. And he accused her of having an affair with her assistant, Jaylan Banks. Falynn denied this. As of now, she and Jaylan have a daughter together. However, both Falynn and Jaylan have claimed they started their romance after Falynn’s split with Simon.

Dennis McKinley has another messy moment on social media?

Dennis said that the whole situation looked very messy to him. But as his co-parenting relationship with Porsha continues to be complicated, he got the attention of social media when he posted a certain flyer on his Instagram account.

On the flyer, Falynn is front and center. And she’s supposedly doing a tour at one of Dennis’ clubs. In the caption, Dennis wrote, “There are places to go, then there’s @crulounge.” He continued, “@falynn let’s go on a big boy tour!”

Check out the flyer here.

To no surprise, the comments were in shambles. And Dennis was accused of being petty and trying to get under Porsha’s skin.

While Dennis didn’t have much more to say about the collaboration with Falynn, he did have something to say to Bravo recently on Twitter. And he told the network that re-runs of “Porsha’s Family Matters” don’t need to be shown.

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  1. So true so true I am with you when you are right they still love and care about each other they ain’t doing nothing but hurting each other

  2. I to agree, Queen! One doesn’t invest that kind of energy unless they have unresolved feelings. They both need to stop being so drama filled, grow up, and act like responsible adults for the sake of their daughter. They also need to be real about what is driving their child like behaviors and resolve those issues before they call themselves moving on with anyone else. Also, it’s just straight up sloppy to lay where your friend has been laying. Is everyone desperate in Atlanta???

  3. You’re correct Queen. I’m sad to see them at this point honestly. But hurt people hurt people.

  4. I totally agree with Queen…and with Dennis…we don’t need to see no more reruns…they played last weekend…i saw the show when it aired…dont need the reruns…its done…let it be

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