‘P-Valley’ Fan Theories: Will Keyshawn Be the One to Take Down Derrick?

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Will Keyshawn be the one to take down Derrick?

When it comes to “P-Valley,” Keyshawn has one of the most heartbreaking storylines. Since the first season, viewers have witnessed how dark and abusive her relationship is with her children’s father, Derrick. Although she is the breadwinner, Derrick still has complete control over her life. He tracks her menstrual cycle as well as her whereabouts.

On the recent episode, fans were able to learn a lot more about their beginnings. They met in high school. Derrick comes from an abusive household. His father used to beat him regularly. So he would come to school with bruises on his face and body. After the first time that he was violent to Keyshawn, he later apologized. And he promised Keyshawn that he would be better than his father.

As for Keyshawn, she tried to leave the relationship after the first attack. However, her stepmother refused to let her move back in. And she told Keyshawn that her father agreed that they were done helping her. So Keyshawn felt she had no choice but to go back to Derrick.

After Lil Murda and Keyshawn’s tour was put on pause thanks to the demise of Rome, Keyshawn returned to her home with Derrick. She learned that Derrick had been beating their son while she was on the road. When she confronted him about it, he ended up beating her as well. He nearly burned her face with an iron.

The scene was a triggering one for many. In fact, one Twitter user tweeted Showrunner Katori Hall about it. And they wrote, “How long is she gonna put up with it though? Because I’ma need her to kill him by the end of the season Katori.”

Katori’s response was an interesting one. She said, “It’s hard to kill the father of your children. Stay tuned tho…”

Now some fans are suspecting that Keyshawn will be the one to handle Derrick and finally get herself and her children to a place of safety, as well as a new beginning.

Check out the tweet here.

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