‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Malaysia Takes a Break + Jackie’s Trip Starts Off Wrong

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Malaysia is still denying that she had messy intentions at Jennifer’s event.

Malaysia and Jackie catch up after the drama that went down at Jennifer’s hair event. She really doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s in the hot seat because she didn’t have bad intentions. Malaysia only recently found out that her friend Ashlee dated Angel’s ex and child’s father. 

Meanwhile, Angel tells Jennifer that she thinks what Malaysia did was very shady. 

Malaysia doesn’t want to see any of the other women, again. She feels none of them liked her in the first place. And Jennifer tells Angel that Malaysia has a history of having messy plus ones. 

Brittish receives bad news. 

Malaysia decides to skip Brooke’s event, and Brooke notices. So Malaysia is discussed. Jennifer says she’s about done with Malaysia because she brings people around to cause problems in the group. Brittish feels the same way. Interestingly enough, Brittish has to step away to take a call. 

She comes back visibly upset and tells the other women that she has to go. And she can’t tell them what’s going on yet.

Jackie’s trip starts off wrong.

Jackie invites all the ladies to a girls’ trip. She’s traveling to research her new acting gig in a horror movie. Malaysia has already said she won’t be attending. Angel won’t be going either.  

Jennifer goes out on another date with Jelani. She really likes him and hopes that things will continue to work out between them. And Brooke worries that her husband isn’t enthusiastic about doing another round of IVF.

On the day of Jackie’s trip, it’s confirmed Brittish had to turn herself in due to fraud charges. 

The episode ends on a cliffhanger after the ladies aren’t thrilled about where Jackie took them. The first impression isn’t s good one.

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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