‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Alum Tokyo Vanity Calls out Karlie Redd

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Karlie Redd broke down what she had done to her face.

Karlie Redd has been receiving some criticism from “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans. On the current season, she’s had a lot to say about Yung Joc as he inches closer to marrying Kendra Robinson. She doesn’t believe he’s ready for marriage. Plus, she thinks there’s truth to Meda’s claims of messing around with Joc in 2020. So people have been accusing Karlie of being a very messy person on social media. Interestingly enough, the backlash from the show doesn’t seem to bother Karlie much. But she does appear to be getting frustrated by people’s opinions about her face. Karlie has responded to this in the past. And she denied getting work done.

Regardless, some LHHATL fans have accused Karlie of getting way too much work done on her face. On Instagram Live, Karlie decided to be honest about the situation while she was with her makeup artist Tim.

She said, “Okay let’s keep it real. I got lip injections and Tim is getting on me like stop doing the lip injections or whatever, right? So I’ma stop because everybody is always talking **** on my face. That’s all I got on my face.”

Karlie continued, “I have not had surgery. But I always make Tim do my makeup with my eyes doing slanted, right? Cause he has this technique that he does where he makes my eyes…real catty. That is my thing. Make my eyes catty.”

Tokyo Vanity clapped back.

In an interview, Karlie said she thinks it’s sad that people talk more about her face than her recent success with her music. She had a song go number one on iTunes recently.

Well, Tokyo Vanity doesn’t feel sorry for Karlie. When the interview was reposted to the Neighborhood Talk, Tokyo left a comment.

She wrote, “No you getting what you deserve you are a real mean girl. And you are miserable! You make fun of so many people and try to bully people.”

Tokyo added, “You have been ruining people’s lives and relationships for years & I’m glad your feelings are hurt and you are suffering!”

Check out the screenshot from Tokyo below.

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  1. I think Karlie was beautiful the way she was. Unfortunately society makes people think they aren’t good enough so people are getting all this work done when they were perfect the way they were. I do agree that Karlie can be very mean and messy at times. And it’s no longer entertaining.

  2. Karlie ….is that KARMA knocking at your door Sis?!?!? It ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun!!! U can’t throw dirt and expect it not to be thrown back atcha love!!! What she put out is what she will receive!!!

  3. Karlie girl I wish you stfu in find you a man of your own your music stinks and sorry you looked better before you way to old for the same bs just being messy all the time maybe you can find someone if you worry about you in only you sheesh joc always treat you like trash let that man go honey love ya self more

  4. Tokyo energy was off when she got to Jamaica. She went off on Jen, then she got with the other mean girls talking about Karlie so when Karlie said we need to talk you wanted to let them see how unprofessional you are, so you ran up on Karlie knowing everybody was against her and at one point y’all were cool or were you being fake too!!! I said what I said

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