Quad Webb Defends Toya Bush-Harris Shade & Responds When Accused of Emasculating Ex

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Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb have a history of not getting along.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb has no problem clapping back when the other cast members come for her. In fact, she clashed with Toya Bush-Harris during the previous season. Dr. Heavenly Kimes informed Quad about the jabs Toya threw on Instagram Live. She referred to Quad’s apartment at the time as a “******** apartment.” And she expressed that she didn’t think Quad should be a full-time cast member. She and Dr. Simone Whitmore felt Quad wasn’t open to sharing much of her personal life since her divorce. Toya also said that all Quad would do is film scenes with Heavenly anyway.

Well, Quad wasn’t too happy about the comments made by Toya. She didn’t hold back when she got even. Not only did Quad accuse Toya of not being able to afford her custom-built dream house, but Quad came for Toya’s parenting as well. And when Dr. Eugene Harris responded to the comments Quad made about their finances, Quad slammed him. So Toya and Quad’s friendship has fizzled out.

Interestingly enough, Quad has had quite a bit to say about Toya’s actions on the current season. And the recent episode has been a hot topic on social media. Toya made some comments about Eugene’s manhood that people felt like only embarrassed him.

Quad has been pretty vocal about Toya’s comments. And some of the “Married to Medicine” fans took issue with Quad speaking on Toya and Eugene’s marriage when she’s divorced. Recently, Quad responded when one of Toya’s supporters accused her of emasculating Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

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  1. Quad and Toya always go at each other so I’m meh on that. But I do agree that Quad goes much harder on Toya when Heavenly has done much worse. I think Simone nailed it when she said Quad is scared of Heavenly.

  2. Oh please. Quad will not say much to Heavenly at the reunion and all her smoke will be for Toya and Eugene just like the last time.

  3. That person clocked Quad’s bullsh-t. She wanted to end Mariah for accusing her of sleeping with her brother in law but Quad just keeps letting Heavenly say she sleeps with married men as long as fake apologies are given. Quad is definitely scared of Heavenly. The question though is why?

  4. Greg and Quad should have never gotten married. They had problems before the wedding and got married anyway which was a mistake. I don’t know if she emasculated him but divorcing was the best thing for the both of them. Greg is about to be married to someone he’s actually compatible with. And Quad is out of a marriage she didn’t want to be in anymore. It’s not a loss for either of them. That being said, Heavenly has done some really grimy things to Quad. More so than Toya. Like when she said Quad slept with Common like that man wasn’t in a serious relationship and it made Quad look so unprofessional because he had just did her talk show. Why would you want the world thinking your friend sleeps with rappers she interviews at her job? Yeah, Quad should definitely have more smoke for Heavenly than Toya.

  5. I think Quad goes after Toya harder because she, like the other women, except maybe Simone, thinks that Toya is ghetto, uncouth, uneducated,and is only in their circle because she is married to a doctor. They have no respect for her as a stay at home mom because they don’t think she has any goals and has no means of making a living (not sure why when she is on the same show they are on) and is not up to their fake standards of living. They hate that Toya does what she wants, is in a loving relationship, and is on the same platform with them without doing any thing extra.

  6. Everyone goes after Toya because she’s an easy target and they need a storyline. Heavenly is who they all fear except Toya and Mariah. Pay attention.

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