LHHATL Recap: Kendra Confirms Joc Had a Baby with Another Woman

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The tension worsens between Sierra and Eric.

Sierra and Eric go to New York with her mother after their home in Atlanta was robbed by armed gunmen. Eric is frustrated because Sierra wants to move. She doesn’t feel safe in the house anymore. And she’s not willing to compromise when it comes to their living situation. Sierra refuses to stay in that house now.  She’s also stressed out because her mother is in the hospital because she has Cirrhosis of the liver. This is due to her drinking problem. 

Spice gets some good news.

It’s a big day for Spice. She’s just moments away from learning if her music has been nominated for a Grammy or not. She invites her mother, Meda, and Shekinah over as she awaits for the news. They discuss the latest rumor about Joc. Shekinah said she read that Joc allegedly recently had another child with another woman. 

The gossip session ends once Spice learns her latest album has been nominated. She has an emotional moment with her mother. 

Joc remains tight-lipped.

Karlie and Spice are able to hash things out after Spice is impressed with the progress Karlie made on her track. Spice only wants the chorus changed but other than that, she loves the song. And she’s happy that her feature for Karlie turned out well. 

Scrappy and Rich hang out with Joc. They take the time to discuss the latest rumors. When Joc is asked about the baby allegations, he says that anything that happened with him, Kendra is “privy” to it. Meanwhile, Bambi and Erica tell Kendra everything they know. And Erica reveals that she saw Meda and Joc hanging out at one of his game nights back in 2020. Kendra says he wouldn’t have married Joc if she heard these rumors prior to their wedding. 

After Kendra breaks down in tears, Bambi consoles her. Kendra says she’s getting the marriage annulled if any of this gossip turns out to be true.

Sierra is called. She tells Kendra that Meda told people she last hooked up with Joc back in 2019. But when Kendra gets Meda on the phone, she changes up her story. And she claims she hooked up with Joc the last time back in 2017.

Joc and Kendra make a controversial revelation. 

After a very hectic several days, Sierra is thankful to get some good news. Her mother was released from the hospital. And she will need her family’s support to stop drinking. 

Kendra and Joc have an honest conversation about all of the rumors. Turns out Joc really did have another child recently. In 2019, Kendra and Joc took a break. When they got back together, Joc told her he impregnated another woman during their break. But Kendra decided to play like she didn’t know about this when the other ladies told her what had been rumored on the blogs. 

When it comes to Meda, Joc encourages Kendra to make Meda show the receipts that they messed around while he was with Kendra. But Kendra reveals she knew about Meda and Joc’s past. He told her they used to mess around before Kendra was in the picture. 

Regardless, Joc wants Kendra to look forward. And they will have to leave the past in the past if they plan to stay married. Joc suggests they do more marriage counseling sessions. Kendra thinks this is a good idea. But she hates that Joc has her looking like a fool. 

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  1. I guess I was just confused by Kendra’s tears in the scene with Bambi and Erica if she already knew about everything and decided to stay. I’ve always said Kendra settled for Joc and this whole episode was just more confirmation.

  2. Honestly, I believe Joc asked Meda to lie, so she changed her story. I also feel that Kendra’s actions shows that Meda was right all along. She was just hyped to be married, and feigns ignorance to his h-eing.

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