‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Toya Makes Peace with Anila & Audra

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Anila can’t believe how bad things have gotten with Toya.

The group tries to push Toya and Anila to hash out their issues. Anila questions if anyone thinks she set the robbery up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Toya says she doesn’t know Anila like that to answer. Quad and Anila propose everyone takes lie detector tests to get to the bottom of things. In a green screen interview, Quad seemingly insinuates that Toya won’t take a lie detector test because she doesn’t have clean hands. 

Toya attempts to ignore Quad’s sidebar conversation but Quad doesn’t back down. And she tells Toya she dares her to get violent like she did with Audra. Jackie and Simone are able to get everyone back on track. And Anila questions how things got so bad with Toya. In a green screen interview, Toya says Anila is very delusional.  

Toya apologizes to Audra.

They then discuss how dark the vibe has been in the group. Toya says she doesn’t feel comfortable after the altercation with Audra. And she asks Audra why she thought it was okay to chest bump her forcing her to defend herself. 

Audra replies Toya has made some negative and unwarranted comments in the past. But she doesn’t know why things went so far. 

Toya becomes emotional and brings up the past altercation she had with Mariah. She didn’t want people to think she was a bad mother or not good enough for Eugene. And she never wanted to put herself in that situation again. But she recognizes that she hurt Audra. So she apologizes for being so critical. Audra accepts her apology. 

Quad stirred the pot?

Anila and Toya also have a tender moment. They admit they miss their friendship. And Toya says she was worried about Anila after she heard they were robbed. Anila is happy to know Toya still cares about her. But before they can move forward, Toya questions why Anila came to Quad’s party with Zaina – the woman who spread the cheating rumor. 

Anila says Quad invited Zaina. Toya realizes Quad’s been behind a lot of the drama. 

Eugene and Kiran talk about the rumors. Kiran makes it clear that they didn’t stage their own robbery. And Eugene and the others confirm they don’t think they did. Eugene says that he and Toya had nothing to do with the robbery. And they should never have been associated with that. Kiran says he never accused them of being responsible. He knows they would never do that. 

The couples have an honest moment after Toya says couples lose passion after they get married. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Audra and Anila both should realize that they have been played by Quad. Quad has used them in her silent war against Toya. Audra could not explain why she kept coming so hard for Toya after admitting she didn’t really her, only heard Toya say one thing herself.

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