Melody Shari Says She Was Hoodwinked by Marsau Scott

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Melody Shari’s mother has been dragged into the LAMH drama.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari probably didn’t anticipate that her mother Miss Vanessa would be dragged into some of the drama on the show. However, that is exactly what happened. Seasons ago, Marsau Scott made some messy accusations on the platform. He alleged that there is a tape of Van and his brother Mark Scott being intimate. To no surprise, this claim didn’t sit well with Melody. She confronted Marsau about it. And Vanessa denied that there is such a tape. She also said that she and Mark just had a friendship. Regardless, Mark took Vanessa’s denial as a jab. So he clapped back on social media multiple times. Although Mark also denied that there is a tape, he claimed that Vanessa is lying about their history.

Family members getting caught up in the drama between the main cast members has been a reoccurring theme on LAMH. In fact, Melody didn’t like it when Miss Wanda questioned her youngest child’s paternity on social media. Wanda said that she only said this in response to Melody alleging that LaTisha Scott‘s father had been in her Instagram DMs.

Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott’s brother contributed to the drama.

Regardless, Melody feels all of the children should be off limits when it comes to the drama between all of the adults. So a sitdown meeting was called for the core 6. And everyone agreed that family members would be told to stay out of the feuds and to stop speaking out on the internet. Marsau and Maurice Scott urged LaTisha to keep Wanda in check. And Kimmi Scott said that this was a bit hypocritical of them.

She pointed out that Mark is just as disrespectful as Wanda on social media. And the things he’s said about Vanessa were nasty. This led to Maurice and Marsau trying to talk to Mark about everything on the show. But he stood firm on his feelings about Vanessa. He also said he had no remorse because he was just “defending” himself.

Melody Shari wasn’t all the way informed about her upcoming sitdown with Marsau Scott.

Well, Marsau will attempt to give Melody an update about his conversation with Mark on the upcoming episode. Turns out, LaTisha may not have been the only one blindsided by the meeting. As we reported, Marsau told LaTisha they were just having an evening out. But when they got to the restaurant, he informed her that he invited Melody there as well. He accused LaTisha of being jealous after she explained her displeasure with his actions. Interestingly enough, Melody was also caught off guard by the sit-down Marsau scheduled with her.

In a preview for the next episode, Melody reveals that Marsau never told her what he wanted to talk to her about.

She says, “If I had known beforehand what the subject matter of this meeting was going to be, I wouldn’t have shown up.”

Melody adds, “I really wish he would have respected me enough to at least tell me what the purpose was so I could have politely declined over the phone.”

Check out the preview below.


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    1. Exactly. They haven’t made a storyline out of Marlene or Wanda’s supposed dating/s-x life so why do it to Van? Van isn’t even a main cast member. This show fell off so hard. They try too hard.

  1. I wonder what the ratings for this show are at this point, I don’t even read the articles anymore, I just scroll down to the comments. I don’t even watch the clips on the Social Media either – I am tired and want them off the air.

  2. Why are we supposed to care about who Mel’s mom slept with or didn’t sleep with? The obsession these people have with Melody and Van is so weird.

  3. melody is starting to get on my nerve because martell was doing his best not to act up and she kept trying it

    1. Well he didn’t try hard enough. What would have helped is if he had not invited the Scott’s to the vacation. That would have helped tremendously. So miss with the “Martell tried.” NO HE DID NOT.

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