‘Black Ink Crew’ Alum Sky Reportedly Gets into Altercation While Filming ‘Baddies East’

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

“Black Ink Crew” fans were very angry with Sky during her final season on the show.

Sky‘s departure from “Black Ink Crew” was very controversial. Fans took issue with a certain scene that Sky filmed with her youngest son Des. She accused him of stealing from her. He denied doing so and it resulted in them having a heated exchange. Before security could intervene during the chaotic moment, Sky put her hands on Des and told him she wished he was never born. Fans took to social media to slam Sky for her actions. Some called for her to be fired from the show. Producers decided to suspend her and she’s been off of the show ever since. She later told her Instagram followers that she decided not to return because she wasn’t happy with how things were handled.

After Ceaser was fired for dog abuse allegations, some “Black Ink Crew” fans were hoping that he and Sky would get their own reality show together. Ceaser was on board with the idea, too. When an Instagram user asked Ceaser if he would do a show on Zeus Network, Ceaser said the only offer he received was for “Bad Boys.” And he didn’t want to do an ensemble-based show. He also said he felt he was a bit too refined and successful for that platform.

Was Sky involved in an altercation while filming the new “Baddies” season?

Well, Sky is officially a cast member for “Baddies East.” As we reported, Natalie Nunn is the Executive Producer of the “Baddies” series. So it’s not unheard of for other reality stars to appear on the show. In fact, “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” alum Tommie Lee was on the recent season, “Baddies West.”

Apparently, Sky is already very much involved in the drama that has taken place since filming began. It’s being reported that Sky actually assaulted fellow cast member Woah Vicky. And the consequence is Woah Vicky deciding to fight back with a lawsuit because she thinks Chrisean Rock set up the attack.

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  1. Woah Vicky is white and her claim to fame was using the n word. So…what is everyone having for dinner? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Why did they invite this Whoa Vicki anyway, knowing they will have altercations? Why did she even go at that. I know she had to know the history of the show AND network. As far as Sky, welp not surprised. People are who they are. I believed her behavior on black ink lol !

  3. Sky and Tommi don’t think they have gotten too old for these kinds of shows? They can’t fight on tv for a check forever. It’s time to grow up and find a better job.

  4. I know whose guy is I don’t know who any of these other people are thank goodness. Whether this young lady is white or not sky is still too old for this I’m not understanding why we are not bothered by our sister behaving so poorly at this age

  5. So Sky beat up a racist. Meh, life goes on. Neither are good people so it’s whatever for me. Sky is never going to change. Duchess was spot on about all of these people.

  6. In waiting for someone to humble Sky for years! She wanted to fight her own son at and bullies people.
    This show is is perfect.

    1. Yep because they definitely exposed Tommi and had her looking crazy. These vh1 girlies are getting humbled on Zeus left and right. And I’m here for it too.

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