Wiz Khalifa Gets His Own Day in Pittsburgh & Cuddles Amber Rose on Stage


Wiz Khalifa Gets His Own Day in Pittsburgh & Cuddles Amber Rose on Stage

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Photo Credit: @muvarosebud Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wiz Khalifa already has a lot to celebrate these days, the rapper is currently engaged to be married to his fiance Amber Rose and expecting their first child January of next year; not to mention that Wiz confirmed that they will be officially married via the courthouse in a couple of weeks. Although he is currently on tour, he expects to wed Amber after the tour wraps up. But in addition to the soon arrival of their son and an upcoming wedding, it appears that Wiz Khalifa has even more to celebrate. Just the other day, the mayor of his hometown Pittsburgh has officially given the rapper his very own day. December 12 has been officially named as “Wiz Khalifa Day.”

Wiz remained his usual humble self and admitted during his acceptance speech that he doesn’t even feel like he’s accomplished enough in his career to receive such an honor from his hometown. But it was very happy and thankful to receive so much love and support from the city that pretty much made him who he is today.

He says:

“It means a lot to me, being a kid from Pittsburgh and riding the buses and going to school out here and just loving Pittsburgh so much. Even when I moved here when I was younger, I told people I was from Pittsburgh, and that was it. So, to come so far, and represent, and have everybody be proud of me — I don’t even feel like I’m doing that great. I can do better and better.”


Of course the love of his life Amber Rose was there to support Wiz on his big day. She posted pictures of the event on her Instagram account:


Photo Credit: @muvarosebud Instagram


In related news, Wiz Khalifa also performed while he was in his hometown as part of his tour. He got the audience hype when he invited a very pregnant Amber Rose on stage. He embraced her and rubbed her belly like a man in love. Check out the cuteness:

Photo Credit: @muvarosebud

Photo Credit: @muvarosebud Instagram


Check out the video of Wiz getting his own day in Pittsburgh:


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    I like them as a couple. He is really proud to be with her!.

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    December 14, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    I love them together! MAJOR UPGRADE Amber!

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