Amanda Secor Talks Cheating on Lil Fizz

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Fizz says he is fed up with on and off again girlfriend Amanda Secor because she actually befriended the man she cheated on him with, and perhaps Amanda now understands that she didn’t make the best choice when it comes to the messy situation.

Amanda recently opened up about cheating on Lil Fizz and she tells Hip Hollywood:

“I had a boyfriend for five years and he passed away. Drew was there for me during that time, so we got really close during that time. But I was still mourning the death of my boyfriend, so I couldn’t accept all of Drew’s love so I was very confused by him. He had a baby and he came with all this extra stuff. So it was hard for me to kind of accept it while I was trying to deal with the situation that I wasn’t over yet.

“I made a mistake. It’s something that I regret. I can’t take it back. All I can do is learn from it and move forward.”

Amanda also says the man she cheated with is not her rumored new boo Oakland Raiders player Jonathan Dowling.

When asked if she has a budding romance with the football player, Amanda says:

“No we’re not dating, we’re just friends.”

Amanda then confirms she’s not ruling out starting a romance with Jonathan Dowling in the future though.

Check out the video below:


  1. Girl bye you a grown a-s woman don’t blame the death of your ex boyfriend on you wanting to be a thot in these streets.

  2. Let me find out she suffers from the same I can’t ever take responsibility for my actions even though I’m a grown a-s woman disease Moniece suffers from.

  3. Sooo, you cheat on your current boyfriend with another guy BECAUSE you’re still mourning another. Ok, makes sense…

  4. This chick sounds dumb so wat she is Tryna say Lil Fizz took advantage of her and the thanks she gives him is cheating on him??? Smh shyt I should’ve met Lil Fizz……he is such a grown man none of them birds deserve him

  5. Amanda, you cheated because you wanted to cheat…my theory is you are not ready to take on the responsibility of being a step mom. You’re cheating to test the water until you think you’ve founded the right man, without a ready made family. Lil Fizz, if you take her back…you deserved to be cheated on. Don’t expect another woman to love and take care of your child, if she’s not the mother. Take care of your own child many of men raise their own children alone and do a damn good job of it. Let Amanda take her confused @ on with who ever she choose to be with.

  6. All these damn women are whack! Sit your a-s down Amanda. Some of the blame needs to be put on Fizz as well I can’t stand a weak man. She cheated on you got an apartment in her name for the guy? Then you hear dinner reservation confirmation on her phone and to top it off you pull up on the side of her in the car with the guy? I would’ve left her then. She’s a liar and she’s not to be trusted. Hell she’s putting apartments in her name and you need a house did she offer to do that for you? Moniece was a beast when she smacked her she was cool it was scary. Please leave this girl alone before it’s too late and she does something worse.

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