Omari Hardwick Says Ghost is a Selfish Sociopath

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Omari describes Ghost/Jamie as a controlling narcissist.

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

His “Power” role has been, by far, the most challenging in his career.

He sees himself playing three characters, a self-described “three-headed monster”: the ruthless, confident Ghost, the “respectable” businessman James St. Patrick and the puppy love boyfriend of his teenage love who calls him Jamie.

For the first two seasons, he said he was able to focus on Ghost, the ruthless, decisive pragmatist but he’s had to play the other two roles more heavily season three. James, who works in the clubs, is more “aspirational.” Jamie is “more narcissistic, more selfish, more addicted to the dominance of this girl he has wanted since he was 15.” Switching among the three personas, he said, can be mind-boggling as an actor.

In all, he sees his character as fundamentally “sociopathic,” Hardwick said.

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  1. Well duh. This is why I can’t understand how people can root for him and Angie. I felt absolutely nothing when both of them were crying and snotting after that fake a-s breakup. Both of them can go to hell. I can’t stand their characters and I hope they get some serious karma this season!

  2. This is true and this is one of the reasons Ghost is so unlikable. And I never considered what him and Angie have as love and I’m glad he confirmed it isn’t. It’s just about control to Ghost. And that makes sense since the name of the show is Power.

  3. I can’t stand Ghost anymore. The way he treats Tasha is absolutely infuriating. I wish she would stop cleaning up his messes. Get that thot Angie to do it.

    1. But yet the writers were trying their hardest to make us feel bad for Angela. If they keep trying to make Angela out to be some angel and keep giving Tasha Ls, I may have to stop watching. I’m getting real tired of it, especially when black men sit up on the internet and call Tasha all kinds of bitter b*tches and cape for Angie.

  4. I haven’t like Ghost since the first few episodes of season 1. It’s crazy how Angie’s safety comes before his wife and kids. He literally does not care about anyone but Angie. It’s so annoying.

  5. I love his character and Tasha’s role too. The truth of the matter is no matter who he is with (and I don’t like him and Angela together), he can never be without Tasha. Tasha knows too much. He only trust Tasha with information and so does Tommy. She knows how to hold him down and he knows that. I was really happy when Tommy pointed out his weakness because that let him know where his focus was really at.

  6. I only like Tasha and Tommy now that Lobos is gone. Angie and Ghost have really made them hard to like together and separately.

  7. Angie has caused him to be a really sloppy killer. She’s a huge liability but I don’t see her being killed off anytime soon.

  8. Hate him or love him we wouldn’t have a show if Ghost was a good person. Him not being sh-t provides the drama.

  9. Ghost is very selfish. It’s refreshing to see an actor who can call his own character out. Most of the times actors will defend what their characters do in their interviews.

  10. Great. Now he should tell Angela’s ignorant stans this. The way they drag Tasha and black women as if Angela being with Ghost is a good thing and he’s some prize. Idiots. Ghost is a murderer and drug dealer. Any woman with sense wouldn’t even want him. I hope and pray the writers don’t put Tasha back with that loser.

  11. In other words, Ghost only cares about and loves Ghost. Angie seems to be the last one to understand this though.

  12. What I can’t stand is when people try to make Tasha look like a victim when she is far from it. She should have listened to him and supported him going legit just like she proudly supported him slinging dope and murdering people. She is just as much of a sociopath as Ghost because she’s perfectly OK with him and Tommy killing people and keeping her family in harms way by wanting him to remain a drug dealer.

    I feel bad for Angela because all she wants is to be with the love of her life and Jamie is selling her a false dream. I was happy when he broke up with her and I hope she moves on and doesn’t allow his low life a-s to bring her down. I do believe be loves her but not more than himself or his need to control everyone… He puts himself before anybody. Even his kids.

    Let Tasha keep being his flunky and errand girl, she is his wife (if u call that a marriage). Let him keep treating her like a piece of crap and let Angie be. Who screws the help that calls her hubby uncle and does it in the marital home and vehicle? Tasha sure did. But yet she’s supposed to get sympathy. Please!

    Angie is way to classy for Ghost and his trashy family and friend. Move on girl, the break up is a blessing.

    1. I wish white women would stop coming on our URBAN sites to bash black women and make these little white whores some gifts to Gods green earth. I hope Angie a-s end up like the lil blue eyed devil Holly. Straight like that. I’m tired of being quiet about this. Enough is enough. Stabbing for Angie who knows her so called love is a murdering drug dealing liar and she’s supposed to be a damn cop smh. Take yo arse on

  13. Ain’t nothing classy about Angie’s hoe a-s. The side chicks of the world be telling on themselves on these Power posts. Brace yourselves side chicks. The creator of the show already said Tasha will get the last laugh. Angie will NOT survive the series. Watch and see.

    1. The bitter, cheated on, unloved, jilted wives of the world tell on themselves, clearly you’re one. Awwww, you don’t know where your husband is do u? Pathetic! Don’t call everyone a side chick because some people see the Tasha character for the money hungry, slut she is. Plenty of men say the same about her or worse. She’s an embarrassment to black women.

      1. Girl, you are really barking up the wrong tree. Been happily married for almost 25 years. My husband isn’t a drug dealer, never cheated on me, and he wouldn’t deal with an “educated” bird who is dumb enough to risk her career for a married murderer and drug dealer. Angie is the dumbest TV character I’ve ever seen. You’re an attorney, but you are risking it all for a married drug dealer? If Tasha is an embarrassment to black women, it’s fair to say Angie is an embarrassment to Latinas. I will never side with side chicks. I have no reason to. Hell, I hope Ghost dies too. He’s trash and so is Angie. But keep pounding away at the keyboard angrily. I’m just sitting back and laughing at how seriously you Angie stans take this. I bet you’re the same obsessed idiot who runs that Angie and Ghost twitter account. You type just like her. I was tweeting about Power once and you came in my mentions acting like a psychopath. You’re deranged and living vicariously through a TV character. I don’t even think you have a job. You’re not going to stop until even the creator of the show blocks you on Twitter. That’s how nutty you are. Like I said, you’re going to be really upset by the end of the series. You will not get the ending you want.

  14. It’s weird to see people label any of these characters as good people. How? Ghost is a murderer and drug dealer who only cares about himself. Tasha gave up her accounting dreams to help him become a big time drug dealer. Tommy just murdered his own girlfriend. Angela willingly slept with a married man and doesn’t care about his children. She was gleeful when he even proposed leaving his wife and kids behind to travel the world with her. How is she any better than Tasha? Kanan killed his own son. I mean I can go on…None of these people are innocent or good. So why put any of them on a pedestal? Enjoy the show but don’t make angels out of demons.

    1. I just shed a tear. One of the few only person on her with some common sense. There is hope for the world after all. Sheer sh

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