'Family Matters' Star Darius McCrary Was Touched Inappropriately by Hollywood Executive


‘Family Matters’ Star Darius McCrary Was Touched Inappropriately by Hollywood Executive

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Family Matters” made headlines recently when the cast reunited but left out Judy Winslow, who happened to be played by Jaimee Foxworth.

The whole situation caused some controversy and Jaimee even expressed outrage in an interview.

Now the show is back in the headlines, and it’s all because Darius McCrary (Eddie Winslow) told TMZ he was touched inappropriately by a Hollywood Executive back in the day.

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  1. Anon

    November 10, 2017 at 5:13 pm

    I’m not surprised. He acts like he was abused. And the fact that he thinks other victims shouldn’t speak up lets me know he needs some serious help.

  2. Veronica

    November 10, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Thirsty? How is it thirsty to call out someone who s-xually assaulted you? This man is a fool.

  3. Ms. Jackson

    November 10, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    N-gga what?

  4. Anonymous

    November 10, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    I can’t believe I used to have such a big crush on him growing up. He’s a hot mess now. How do you shame the victims when you’re a victim your damn self?

  5. Im Sayin

    November 11, 2017 at 11:00 am

    He needs therapy.

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