GUHHATL Recap: Bow Wow & Da Brat Clash + Brandon & Reginae Have A Sit-Down


GUHHATL Recap: Bow Wow & Da Brat Clash + Brandon & Reginae Have A Sit-Down

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Da Brat talks Bow Wow being selfish with Deb.

Bow Wow opens the show with his friends traveling back to Atlanta. He’s actually on a private jet.

“This ain’t no #bowwowchallenge.” – Bow Wow

He explains that JD didn’t pay him for the So So Def tour he did this past summer.

Meanwhile, Deb Antney is at her radio station Be100 and she’s interviewing Da Brat for her show. Deb asks her about the tour and she said she had a good time. She says that Bow Wow got sensitive about some things on the tour.

She feels that Bow Wow should’ve kept things between him and So So Def. Deb agrees and says she is angered by Bow Wow’s behavior.

Apparently Bow Wow blasted JD on Instagram about not being paid for the tour.

“Bow is still like a child at heart.” Da Brat

Reginae’s mom Toya wants her to squash her beef with Brandon.

Toya and Reginae are at their home and Toya is pregnant with Reign. While Toya wants to keep things private, Reginae may not let that happen. However, she looks past that to talk about Reginae’s beef with Brandon. Toya wants to call Deb to set up a sit down with Nae and Brandon. Reginae reluctantly agrees to the sit-down, despite her reservations.

Ayana and Shaniah meet up with Reginae and Zonnique. They all run down their various lives. Zonnique is hoping for a tour for her solo album, “Love Jones.” Ayana got back together with her girlfriend. Reginae is single and Shaniah has a boyfriend who wants to meet JD. However, her dad doesn’t know about him.

Reginae then tells them that Toya and Deb will plan a sit-down between her and Brandon. Ayana blurts out, “Oh God.”

Reginae says she is really nervous about and that they are going to end up butting heads. All of the girls feel that this will be a bad idea.

Brandon gives vocal lessons to Jhonni Blaze.

The next day, Brandon is at Patchwerk Studios working with Jhonnie Blaze. Brandon says he ended up moving back in with Deb after their argument. They are on a good page at this point, and he is giving Deb’s artist Jhonni voice lessons. This is in preparation for a listening party coming up. During their lesson, Jhonni starts crying.

He says that Johnni’s “baggage” is distracting, revealing that she had a “fling” with Bow Wow while he was engaged to Erica Mena. He coaches her to make sure she can stay calm during the performance.

JD won’t be involved with Bow Wow’s next project, if Bow Wow can help it. 

Bow Wow is in the studio with his producer, Pimpin. While in the studio, he recaps his past relationship trouble with Joie. He now says he’s, “single and a thot.”

When the topic turns to JD, he still says he doesn’t want to work with him. He tells Pimpin to not fall for JD’s “mind tricks,” to try to convince him to get the two of them in the same room.

Deb and Toya meet up to once again squash the beef between Brandon and Reginae. While they both agreed that Brandon was harsh in his response to Reginae, Deb tells Toya that Reginae needs to not just step to anyone.

“She should’ve walked away.” – Deb

Toya replied, “I taught Reginae to stand up and defend herself.” – Toya

But before things could get too far, they realize that they are just protective of their kids and Brandon and Regina are just too stubborn for their own good.

Tiny suggests Zonnique open up for Xscape, but Zonnique’s not sure.

Zonnique meets with Tiny in her office to talk about doing a tour. Tiny took the time to shade her manager over this.

“Didn’t your manager set you up with any shows?” – Tiny

But Tiny doesn’t want to overstep her bounds because Zonnique doesn’t want her to be a “Momager” again.

So Tiny offers to have her open up for her groups upcoming tour. But Zonnique feels she wants to get away from her mom and their audiences are different. So she tells Tiny she will think about it.

Da Brat and Bow Wow clash.

Bow Wow is in the studio working on his music when JD texts him. He ignores the text but can’t ignore Da Brat when she stops by their studio.

“It’s hard to work for your boss when he ain’t paying you right.” – Bow Wow

She then asks Bow Wow to hear his new music but he tells her to fall back. Da Brat gets angered by this because she’s been there since the beginning of his career.

“I’ve been there since day one dude.” – Da Brat

Things only get worse between them when he tells Da Brat that he doesn’t think he wants JD involved in the completion of his album. Da Brat just calls him childish and selfish. She also says he’s just jealous because JD is in LA working with Usher.

Frustrated completely, Brat just cusses him out and leaves.

Deb and Toya get their wish; Brandon and Reginae have their sit-down.

The next day, Brandon meets with Deb at her station and she tells him about their sit-down plans with Toya and Reginae. At first, he laughs it off.

“You can show up to the dinner because I know how this is gonna go.” – Brandon

Deb goes off on him and tells him that he is going to be there and they are going to dead their beef.

“We’ve been there, done that.” – Brandon

Despite their reservations, Deb and Toya are taking their kids to a sit-down to squash their beef among one another. Reginae is still not willing to let Brandon talk to her any kind of way. She says she will walk out if things don’t go the way she likes it.

Deb and Brandon arrive first. The episode ends when Toya and Reginae walk in.

“Well, well, well.” – Brandon

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Anonymous

    January 12, 2018 at 10:25 am

    I’m so over the Brandon and Reginae beef.

  2. Shayla

    January 12, 2018 at 10:55 am

    If Bow wasn’t paid, he has every right to be mad at JD. Brat needs to stop.

  3. Nicole

    January 12, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Eh, it was just ok. I hope it gets better.

  4. MiamiBama

    January 18, 2018 at 11:19 am

    I’m sick of Bow Wow trying to play hard,it doesn’t even fit him, lol

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