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‘Claws’ Recap: Desna Takes Charge + Roller Avenges Desna & Virginia

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Claws Season 3 Episode 1

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Virginia’s rushed to surgery after being shot as a new enemy arises.

The episode begins with Virginia being rushed into the emergency room with Desna by her side in tears and bloody.

When doctors take Virginia, Dean and Roller run in behind her to console Desna. Desna asks Roller to find out who shot at them and hugs him.

Meanwhile, a mysterious couple watches what happened from a computer feed. They are concerned Desna’s going to cause them trouble.

Bryce is at a barbecue with Jen and their neighbors in their new home. Jen’s going to be applying to work at a new salon. Their neighbor tells them to tone down the “urban” nail style and Jen gets a little defensive. So she gets up and calls Desna who tells her about Virginia.

Back at the hospital, Quiet Ann’s ex and her partner meet her to interview Desna about the incident. But, Desna doesn’t give her much information.

Doctors come tell Desna that Virginia’s going to need a cornea transplant.

Uncle Daddy gets confronted by Roller.

Roller stops by Uncle Daddy’s hideout to confront him about Desna’s hit attempt.

“If I wanted her dead, she’d be dead.” – Uncle Daddy

Clint comes in with food as Roller is leaving and bumps into him. When Roller leaves, Uncle Daddy asks Clint if he had anything to do with Virginia being shot. Clint denies it.

“I ain’t saying I shot her but, what I’m saying is karma’s a b****.” – Clint

The Bloodstones stop by the hospital and give Desna a check.

Back at the hospital, Matt Bloodstone and his wife stop by at the hospital to give Desna flowers. They tell Desna that they were partners in the casino with Greg. It’s a Native American casino and Greg couldn’t be a majority stakeholder.

As a gift, they give Desna a check for $50,000 as a buyout.

Desna talks to Ann about this and Ann wants her to take the money and run. However, Desna isn’t sure she wants to take it.

Roller calls and Desna lets him know that his sources are running cold. Desna tells him about Bloodstone and his wife are coming by. Roller says he has a connect at the casino in security and will hit him up for information.

Polly’s in a mental institution and received a call earlier from Ann about Virginia. When get gets her medication later on, she tries to sneak out of her room but get’s stuck hanging over a ledge.

The nurse reminds Polly that she is there voluntary. So that means she can leave whenever she wants.

Roller learns about the Bloodstones’ dirty ways.

At the casino, Roller talks to his connect and he lets them know that they run a dirty business.

Roller trails the Bloodstones, following them to a tent in the woods. Inside, their employee, a woman is hanging being tortured by Bloodstone and his wife.

Polly made it to Desna’s for Sunday dinner and Dean arrived too. But Dean is just stopping by for his belongings. Desna tries to get him to stay but he refuses.

Roller calls and tells Desna about the Bloodstones’ dealings and he has the woman they were torturing in his car. When the woman regains her senses, she jumps out of the car while it’s moving.

Dean wants justice.

Later that night, Desna has a nightmare, recalling Virginia being shot and wakes up. She looks for her gun and it’s missing. It turns out Dean has the gun and he wants to look for the shooter. Desna demands the gun back but he wants to defend Virginia’s honor.

Desna’s at her wits end and she goes off on Dean. She manages to take the gun and gets a determined Dean back in the house.

The next day, Kenneth stops by and Desna asks him for help with Dean. Kenneth scoffs but Desna gets him to talk to Dean in the chapel.

Inside, Kenneth nervously gets Dean to talk about everything and tells him to refocus his energy to something more positive. However, Dean is very focused on taking down the shooters and tells Kenneth he killed someone and was satisfied doing it.

That freaks out Kenneth.

Newfound wisdom comes over Virginia.

Virginia’s recovering and the entire gang stops by to look after Virginia, even Jen.

Virginia wakes up while they’re there and she realizes she can’t see out of one eye. Polly gives her a bedazzled eye patch.

Kenneth pulls Desna aside letting her know about Dean’s focus on killing again and tells her she needs to look after him.

Next, Roller stops by and tells her about the woman. He tried to go by her house and she shot at him.

Meanwhile, Kenneth sees Polly in the hallway and she keeps things short.

Dean’s by Virginia’s side and she can senses something is wrong with Dean. He’s really concerned someone is going to try to kill them again. However, Virginia tells him that everything happens for a reason.

Desna’s getting robbed.

Desna goes by the woman’s house with Roller and managed to force her way in to talk to her. The woman tells her that Mac Bloodstone and his wife Melba are very dirty. She’s their accountant and launders the money in the casino. When Desna tells her she’s an owner in the casino, she gives her a thumb drive.

“I cut the check for you. You’re getting robbed.” – Casino accountant.

Back at Desna’s mansion, she learns that the casino launders $2 million a month. However, Uncle Daddy’s not far behind and he knows who tried to take Desna out.

Desna and Roller learn who shot Virginia.

At a boxing gym, Ann’s challenged to a match by her ex.

Uncle Daddy says Clint tried to take Desna out and he gave Roller and Desna the information because they are still family.

Back at the gym, Ann and her ex are in a fierce match, exchanging blows. But after the match, they make out in the locker room. When they leave the gym, Ann lets her know that this was just a “drive by” and nothing more.

Roller’s looking for Clint and runs into Toby. Toby is in tears because Clint had Toby help him dump the motorcycle gear.

“He’s gone crazy Roller!” – Toby

Back at the mansion, Bryce and Jen are still in from Tampa. Roller comes by to let Desna know Clint really did try to kill her. So they decide to stalk Clint later that night at the Jew center.

Desna and Roller get justice and Roller gets soft on Desna.

When they head over there, They see Clint in the alley and Roller runs him over with his car. They head out to the swamp that morning to dump Clint’s body. They’re out on a boat and Desna’s freaking out. However, Roller lets her know everyone is safe. Back at his car, Desna tells Roller she feels Greg is haunting her from beyond the grave and he consoles her with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Jen and Bryce are enjoying Desna’s pool. They are realizing they miss Palmetto.

“Who are we fooling? We can move to Antartica and our hearts would still be in this God-Forsaken, redneck town.” – Jen

Back in the swamp, Roller and Desna wrap up a lovemaking moment and Roller wants to settle down with Desna.

“We’re like Bobby and Whitney.” – Roller

“So I’m a crack head now?” – Desna

Despite the soft moment, Desna isn’t ready for a relationship, especially dealing with the drama involving Virginia and the casino.

Later that night, Desna returns home and Virginia’s being pampered by everyone. Desna tells Dean that Virginia’s shooter has been brought to justice.

Desna turns the tables on Mac and Melba.

While Virginia’s being pampered, she revealed some major personality flaws with Polly and Desna. She tells Polly she’s using her mental issues to avoid intimacy and Desna that she needs to trust her friends.

Desna agrees and tells them about her plot involving the casino.

They all agree to help and they head to the casino dressed in their finest attire. They run into Melba and demand a meeting. Desna lets her know that she knows the true value of Greg’s stake and knows about the $2 million laundered yearly and demands fifty percent of that cut. Mac and Melba counters with $500,000 and expensive purses.

“Me and my girls aren’t going anywhere, b****.” – Desna

“But we will take those bags.” – Jen

Outside, Desna tells them that their fortunes are changing and they are now in charge.

“We are going to run this town.” – Desna

The episode ends with a dance routine set to En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind,” and the shooter appearing to stop be on the loose, heading into Uncle Daddy’s hangout putting a gun to his head. However, it’s just role-play. And it’s revealed Toby was the one who shot Virginia and he did it do defend Uncle Daddy’s honor.

Uncle Daddy tells him to never “go rogue” again and kisses him.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Barbee

    June 10, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    I’m glad Virginia didn’t die.

  2. Im Sayin

    June 10, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    So excited about the season.

  3. KBG

    June 17, 2019 at 1:53 am

    Toby didn’t act alone. Who was the other person on the bike in the last episode of season 2? Zlata’s daughter would have beef. Dean killed her mom and Roller is no longer her ‘husband’.

    Thoughts everyone????

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