Claws Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Muscle and Flow
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‘Claws’ Recap: Desna Learns More About the Casino’s Shady Business + Uncle Daddy’s Remorseful

Claws Season 3 Episode 2

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Desna buys back the salon.

The episode begins with Desna and her friends reclaiming the salon. Desna purchased the salon back at an auction. 

Once inside, Desna huddles them all up, telling them one of them needs to be in the casino at all times. Desna has them all going in “nice and easy,” confident that they’ll be running the casino asap. 

Later on, Uncle Daddy stopped by asking Desna for the license to run the clinic. And Desna has demanded to get $3500 out of him. Uncle Daddy reluctantly agrees, running into Roller. Roller still doesn’t want anything to do with him. Inside, Desna tells Roller she’s going to look for a job for him at the casino. 

The girls get new jobs at the casino.

Next, Desna takes everyone to the casino and meets with Mac and Melba. Desna manages to get Ann as the head of security and Polly working next to the casino boss. Meanwhile, the clinic is filled to the brim with customers. Luckily, Bryce is back ready to get slowly get back into the business. 

Desna makes it to her office. While in the office, she gets overwhelmed with multiple things at the casino while Virginia texts her “SOS, 911” from the salon. On the salon floor, Desna’s got Mormon guys stealing from the slots, card counters at the blackjack table and a fight breaking out with two women. But she’s having to run off because Virginia and Dean couldn’t turn off the security code. 

Brienne’s biological father returns from prison.

Meanwhile, Jenn’s ex EJ was recently paroled. He shows up at the salon, asking to see his daughter Brienne. However, Jenn brushed it off. Inside, Desna has to talk Dean down from his revenge goal, finding out who shot Virginia.

Polly gets caught in the general manager’s office but plays it off like she’s moving in. That allows her to get his guard down, revealing to Polly the extent he feels indebted to Mac and Melba. 

Virginia uses her new clairvoyant abilities on Uncle Daddy outside of the shrimp shack. Virginia openly notices that Uncle Daddy’s holding major regret about something deep. She tells Uncle Daddy it’s time to let it all go. This causes Uncle Daddy to begin crying and she holds him.

Desna begins to learn of the casino’s dirty money details.

Later that night, Desna learns that the Mormon gentlemen at the casino were money launderers. Mac and Melba’s accountant revealed to Desna at the salon that they were dropping off money to Mac and Melba, and it goes to an account called “trip.” Lastly, Mac and Melba are making Desna do “busy work” so Desna won’t learn about the trip account.

Desna tells the girls about the secret account but Jenn’s unable to focus on that. She’s more concerned about EJ wanting back into Brienne’s life and she feels inadequate raising a black daughter. 

Meanwhile, Bryce set up a sit down between Roller and Uncle Daddy. Uncle Daddy reveals what really happened between him and Roller’s father. Apparently, Roller’s father beat his mom to death. So Uncle Daddy shot him out of retaliation. Uncle Daddy asks for forgiveness. But, Roller replies, “you’re dead to me,” walking out in anger. 

Back at the casino, Roller interrupts Desna schooling Polly about what’s going on at the casino. He needs attention. So they have s*x. 

Desna learns about Penelope’s involvement with Trip.

Meanwhile, Jen’s with Melba at VIP services when guest Penelope Van Summers comes over demanding the costal suite. She gets what she wants by threatening to call “trip.” When Melba leaves, Jenn calls Desna to tell her some of the guests to know about the trip account. 

Desna and Jenn meet up with Penelope who now demands $500,000 from Mac and Melba for fixing the bodybuilding contest. But before they can figure out more information, Mac steps in giving Desna more work, hosting the bodybuilding contest in the casino. 

Somehow, Polly’s convinced to give Ken a date. They meet at a restaurant and Polly does her best to break things off with him. She blames it on her mental issues. When she breaks things off with him, Ken remains calm. 

Jenn has a dream about Brienne going off because she’s unable to see her dad and family. 

Desna tries to dig about Trip.

The next day, Desna runs into Penelope at a casino bar, looking to get info about Trip. But before she could, Virginia calls and Desna calls and security slip away. When Desna’s noticed by Mac and Melba, she runs into her office with help to lip-read what they’re saying on camera. From there, Desna learns that Mac and Melba may try to physically harm Penelope.  

At a park, Jenn meets up with EJ and reminisces. When EJ brings up being in Brienne’s life, things get tense. He brings up that he’s entitled to joint custody and threatens to take action on that. 

Meanwhile, Polly’s back to sneaking in offices and gets caught in Mac and Melba’s office. However, Polly notices a photo that’s signed by Trip. 

After Jenn’s meeting with EJ, she takes Bryce to meet EJ. However, it turns into a fight. It seems to be a setup as the fight’s recorded.

Desna tries to pull a fast one on Mac and Melba.

It’s time for the competition and Desna’s looking for Penelope. She pulls Virginia and Ann aside with Polly revealing that Trip is the governor Ann’s brother is running against. Desna finds Penelope ready to compete in the competition and is unharmed. While the things going on, Polly’s sneaking around gets revealed to Mac and Melba. However, Desna finally got to Penelope, telling her about Mac and Melba’s plan.

At the end of the pageant, Penelope’s announced as the winner but doesn’t show up to collect her trophy. Ann takes Penelope to her home safely, texting Desna when the job’s done. 

The next day, Uncle Daddy tells his staff that they aren’t going to be subscribing pills to the addicts as much anymore. Instead, they’re going to be looking to heal them instead as they can bill an extra $1000 from Medicaid for “therapy.” Virginia’s present and he calls her his inspiration. This news frustrates Ken and Kenyatta. Meanwhile, Roller catches Desna at the salon. 

He really wants to get back together with Desna. However, Desna isn’t ready to trust anyone, not even Roller. 

“Dee, I’ve changed.” – Roller

“Prove it.” – Desna

Inside, Desna tells Virginia she’s promoted to salon manager. She also revealed Trip is taking bribes from Mac and Melba and wants to use that information to their advantage. 

“We’re gonna run Florida.” – Desna

The episode ends with Desna slow walking in the casino and the casino general manager catching up with Penelope at her aunt’s making sure she doesn’t cash that $500,000 check. She is brutally killed.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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1 Comment

  1. Jacqueline Watson

    June 17, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    Love this show

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