Porsha Williams Calls Marlo Hampton a Clout Chaser Who Rode NeNe Leakes’ Coattails

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Marlo Hampton is accused of being a clout chaser.

Porsha Williams is not feeling Marlo Hampton these days. In fact, Porsha believes Marlo completely changed after she made peace with Kenya Moore. Marlo has been asking Porsha if there’s any truth to the accusations in which it’s been alleged that she hooked up with Bolo during Cynthia Bailey’s surprise bachelorette party.

Porsha thinks it was shady for Marlo to even ask her that and keep bringing it up after she denied that anything happened.

On the After Show, Porsha opened up about why she thinks Marlo handled things the way she did. In fact, a producer asked Porsha why she thinks Marlo was okay with hashing things out with Kenya despite their messy past.

And Porsha said, “Some people are clout chasers like that and if she thought that Kenya was gonna be able to ruin my name, ruin me and bring me down, then she was gonna go on the next most powerful thing. And that’s who she thought Kenya was.”

She continued, “The same way she rode NeNe’s coattail for years. Okay? Years.”

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    • Marlo need to worry about all the old white men she sleep or slept with to get her come up..People sure can forget when it comes to them.

  • Marlo has always been a flip flopping opportunist. She would not have made up with Kenya if NeNe was still on the show.

    • True. She was still coming for Kenya when she thought NeNe was coming back and going through contract negotiations.

  • She need to stop.
    I can't stand when people want to talk so much crap when you're not cool but when you are cool you fine with everything. As she said Marlo been riding Nene coattails for years. It wasn't a problem before it shouldn't be one now

  • Funny how Marlo is following along with Kenya about Bolo but yet we forget about how she was at a NASCAR event wearing a t shirt with the confederate flag stating that she loves her redneck boyfriend. I am surprised that all the hoopla about a single woman allegedly getting her freak on with a well endowed stripper but no seems scandalized by this just like how everyone had an issue with Kenya wearing a Native American costume for Halloween. They need to bring this up at the reunion!

  • I am so over Bologate! If Porsha slept with with him, so what?! Why in the world does it matter to any of the ladies? Let her deal with the consequences of it. She is grown and does not have to answer to anyone. Kenya just wants to find any reason to shame her. Marlo is definitely not Porsha's friend. If she was so concerned about her image, then why not have a heart to heart with her first, before gossiping with Kenya? Porsha is human and as I recall, there were to be no judgements. I guess that went out the window.

  • Why is it so hard for Kandi to call Kenya on her sh-t? If porsha did do Bolo, why is ken so worried about it, I thought Kandi said it was a no judgment zone, so why is she so judged. Marlo still working for a peach, they got two new chicks, h-ll one from Instagram, and you're still not hired, you should feel some type of way about that.

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