‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Drew Sidora Checks Kenya Moore over Body Issues

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Drew Sidora is what Kenya Moore considers a “narc.”

Kenya Moore didn’t appreciate the fact that Drew Sidora told the other women she rented a private jet to get to South Carolina. On top of that, the ladies were upset to learn that she brought Brooklyn Daly on the trip as well. For them, they felt like Kenya could have at least told everyone that they had the option to bring their children, too.

Well, this comes up at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion for season 13.

Andy Cohen asks Drew why she went ahead and told the other women about Kenya renting the private jet while they had to get to South Carolina on the ground. Kenya then went on to call Drew a “narc” and Drew said that she didn’t understand why Kenya would want to keep that information away from women she calls friends.

Body issues are discussed.

At that point, Kenya then says, “So I also told you, Drew, looking out for you, I’ve called you many times. I have been very kind to you in the beginning and I told you about the party you threw at your home. I was like, ‘It was lovely. You better know how to throw a housewives party.'”

She continued, “And I also called you for the bachelorette party because I knew you were having some body issues. I said, ‘Listen if you wanna bring some Spanx…'”

Marlo Hampton senses some shade, “Body issues?”

Drew senses the shade as well, “Yeah, body issues? So let me educate you. I have a diagnosis called adenomyosis since I’ve heard it thrown around, I’m gonna address it. It’s a form of endometriosis where tissue is growing up my abdomen. It causes very painful…around that time of the month, uterus pains. I’ve talked to Dr. Jackie. I have to have a hysterectomy.”

She added, “So thank you for going in on me about my body issues or whatever. I just wanted to clarify so you could have an understanding cause when you speak, you don’t speak with knowledge. So just be careful when you throw those things around because for women who have had children, you don’t know what people are dealing with. Just watch your mouth.”

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  • How much sense does it make to keep traveling on private plane a secret? If you (Kenya) wasn't traveling with the cast how did you get there stupid? Did Kenya not think anyone would ask?

  • I’m waiting for people to finally realize Kenya and NeNe were the duo/frick and frack RHOA needed.

  • She talked about Kenyas butt and now crying about body issues.
    Drew was too eager to be in Kenya orbit

  • Kenya met her match. She met someone who plays victim even better than she does. And I love it. Keep it up Drew.

  • So this is why Kenya has been doing so much damage control on Twitter. Her stans were wrong. She didn’t read anybody at this reunion and Drew keeps embarrassing her. I haven’t seen someone do this to Kenya since NeNe and Phaedra. No wonder Kenya’s stans hate Drew so much. Kenya can’t son her. They thought Kenya would run off Drew like she did Tanya and Kim Fields. Not happening.

  • Kenya sounds dumb as f-ck calling anybody a narc when she spent the entire season investigating if Porsha f-cked Bolo. This season was some bullsh-t and that’s why people ain’t watching.

    • Drew had Kenya’s number since the beginning. I couldn’t help but laugh when she set Kenya up to tell everyone she rented that private jet. The way Drew did it was so slick and Kenya was mad she didn’t see it coming.

  • Drew wants to be the victim so bad. Kenya said she had body issues. What Drew explained was indeed a body issue, so I confused.

  • Kenya tried to throw weak shade like usual and come for Drew's body when Kenya herself has had botched surgery since she came on Bravo. That spanx comment was unnecessary and these women have spent the entire season laughing at Drew's wig, her body, and her marriage, and when she calls it out, people want to gaslight her like we're not all watching the same show. Kenya is nasty. Always has been nasty. Loves to play victim when she's the biggest villain on this show. I will never forget how she bullied Kim Fields out of all people. Kenya doesn't like anyone who has a better acting resume than her. She's been coming for Drew's looks while praising Ralph's looks since the first episode this season. Drew claps back and it's a problem? Nah. Kenya can dish it but can never take it. This season has proven that she can't carry this show so I don't want to hear ever again how she's some "queen" of anything. She's mean, boring, and bullies women for entertainment. I truly believe that Kenya and Kandi have ruined this show beyond repair.

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