50/50 or 80/20: What Do You Bring To The Table?

You may have a long list of things that your require from your mate, but what do you bring to the relationship?

By: Taren Vaughan



When it comes to relationships, there are certain things that we look for in our significant others. We want them to be smart, sophisticated, driven and spiritual individuals. Of course these aspects are great for a person to possess but the main thing we really want to know is: What could this person really bring to the relationship?

Back in the day, dating (or courting as it was referred to during that time), getting into relationships and marriage did not seem to be so complex. It was plain and simple: the man was the head of the household and the woman was the caretaker of the children and was responsible for household chores.


Times have truly changed. Now you have more women who are seeking higher education and receiving higher salaries than years before. No particular gender is held solely responsible for the financial welfare or domestic duties anymore; it has become more of a 50/50 situation across the board. Or has it? Are there still men out there who do not pull their weight around the house? Do women still become so dependent on their spouses that they often stay in relationships just so that they can be financially stable?


The obvious answer to these questions is yes. There are still people out there who are involved in relationships where each partner is not putting forth the same amount of effort as the other.


One thing you must always remember is that while you are concerned with what someone else has to offer, you should do a self evaluation. So ladies when you are evaluating your potential mate, do ask yourself one important question…Are you yourself bringing something to the table or are you acting as a guest just waiting to be served?

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