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In fashion, only those that play it safe follow fashion trends. True fashionistas define their own style. Here are a few tips to create your own style.

By: Amanda Anderson

Fashion is one of the most respected forms of self-expression. In many cases, people will judge you for the clothes you wear, and although it may be superficial to do so, clothes can tell alot about a person.

Your choices in fashion can accurately communicate who you are if you have your own unique style. Although many people like to dress according to the trends, those who create their own looks are eventually labeled as fashion icons. Although you may never become a fashion icon or create your own fashion powerhouse like Coco Chanel, you can very well create your very own style.

Here are some simple ways to create your own look.

1. Check out your closet

In order to create your own style, look at the wardrobe you already have. Is there a particular style of dress that you seem to like or a type of pant that you prefer over the others? Out of all the garments that you already have, be sure to make a note of the pieces that look the best on you. These pieces will compliment your body type and will give you some idea of what your style will consist of.

2. Forsake the Fashion Trends and Style Experts

Sure the fashion journalists and fashion designers will tell you what looks are in for the season, but you have to be stylishly independent and follow the click clack of your own stillettos. Yes my dear, you have to live by and create your own fashion trends. Remember, just because the editors at Vogue say skinny jeans are in again doesn’t mean they will look great on you. All trends aren’t created equal, and all trends don’t look good on everybody. If you want your very own style, you are going to have to wear what looks good on YOU.

3. Experiment With Colors

Colors, just like trends, change each season. One season dark hues are in, and the next it’s all about the brighter tones. It is up to you to experiment with the colors and find the shades that look best on you. Skin tone will play a huge part in finding shades that will work well on you. Work with that beautiful tone of yours and stick to the shades that compliment your shade the best.

4. Pick up the needle and get creative

Most fashion experts will admit that some of the most stylish people on this earth knew how to pick up the needle and sew their own garments.

If you are really serious about creating your own style, you should learn how to design your own clothes. Sewing machines are fairly affordable and many are easy to use. You can also take a pretty cheap class at your local arts and crafts store if you need any help.

Fabric will be easy to find and you can create any garments that you choose to. The more you sew, the better you will become at designing your own garments. Before you know it, buying clothes will become a thing of the past.

You can even design your own accessories. I design my own jewelry all the time and it is fairly easy and cost efficient.

5. Take it further than fashion

Hair is also a huge part of style. Many celebrities such as Rihanna and Halle Berry have become icons for their memorable short hair cuts. Experiment with your hair and find a hair style that fits your own unique style.

6. Get some confidence, and work it like a diva

Confidence plays a huge part in fashion. If you aren’t going to look like everyone else, you will have to have a lot of confidence to wear your own unique style. Get bold and wear whatever you feel like. It may turn some heads, but as long as you aren’t naked, have fun with you own look!

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