How to Find the Right Mascara Based on Your Eyelash Type


Pick your mascara type based on your eyelash type and needs.
By: Amanda Anderson

There probably isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t think that finding the right mascara seems close to impossible. Rather you swear by make-up or label yourself a casual user, it can take months and even years to find a brand you truly like. And it does not help that every major make-up company comes out with just about 5 new mascaras a year, making the process even more confusing.

Although there are many mascara brands out there that do various things with your natural lashes, finding the right mascara will ultimately come down to your eyelash type and needs. Here are a few tips and recommended brands for every eyelash type known to woman.

Short Lashes

Short lashes have to be some of the most difficult eyelashes to work with. No matter how fabulous your make-up regime truly is, if your lashes aren’t noticeable, it truly defeats the purpose.

Ladies with shorter eyelashes will need to use mascara that will lengthen natural eyelashes. You will need mascara that will dramatically lengthen your lashes without visibly clumping the look. Lengthening mascaras usually come with brushes that are slightly further apart. The bristles of these mascaras separate and elongate eyelashes. I have also found that mascaras with comb brushes tend to work better in lengthening.

Great lengthening mascaras include Covergirl Lashblast, Covergirl Lash Exact, Maybelline Lash Stylist Comb Mascara, and L’Oreal Telescopic Original Mascara.

If your eyelashes are stick-straight with no curl, L’Oreal Lash Architect 3-D Dramatic Mascara tends to work well.

Thin Lashes

Thin lashes are lashes that lack in real volume and are in dire need of thickness. Volumizing mascara is the best type of mascara for these types of lashes. These mascaras usually contain waxers and polymers that will actually build on to lashes. In most cases, mascaras with bigger brushes work best for this eyelash type. Ladies with thin lashes also may need mascara that will also lengthen lashes as well as add lots of volume.

Covergirl Lash Blast is a great mascara for lashes that lack volume and length. This mascara comes with a huge brush and will produce a dramatic change in thin lashes. There is also a waterproof version available for those who prefer to wear the mascara for a longer time frame and tend to sweat.

Other greats mascaras to try are L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Extender and the more expensive Lancome Hypnose Black Mascara.

Too Straight/Shapeless Lashes
Volume and length are not a problem for this lash type. The problem is these lashes lack any real shape and curl. To add a little drama to these lashes, you will need a great eyelash curler and curling mascara.

Curling mascaras will give you the popular wide-eyed look and will capitalize on the volume your lashes already have. These types of mascaras are generally thicker in substance and enforce shape on lashes that lack in overall shape.

Rimmel’s Exaggerate Full Volume and Curl Mascara is a great curling mascara.

Additional Tips

Although a great mascara that fits the needs of your eyelash type is important, there are other things that can help you work with your natural lashes. A great eyeliner is great for creating a dramatic look and adding volume to lashes. While eyelash curlers are great to use prior to applying mascara to lashes, add a little heat to your eyelash curler to maximize its effectiveness. You can do this by simply aiming a blow dryer at your eyelash curler. Although this is an easy way to add heat to the curler, there are also curlers available that can actually heat themselves.

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