Moving Up The Corporate Ladder: Are You Ready For The Climb?


Do you want to climb the corporate ladder and enhance your career? Here are some ways to achieve your career goals.

By: Taren Vaughan

When it comes to choosing a career path one should ask themselves a few key questions:

Is this something that I will really enjoy doing? and how will it be beneficial to not only myself but others that I work with? A career is something that you should be passionate about. A career is something that you work towards and take pleasure in doing regardless of how much money you are making. Careers are what we all should strive for. It is very easy nowadays to get ourselves in the position to where we are forced to just get a job, one that we may love or absolutely despise.

So what is the best way to avoid getting just a job? One word…preparation.

Here are some key things that you must do in order to obtain your ideal career and reach the top of that often challenging corporate ladder:

Be Patient But Persistent– Keep in mind that no one starts at the top. You have to earn it. Patience is your best friend and you will need it be right by your side at all times. Continuous hard work and dedication will eventually be recognized and rewarded.

Gain Experience– Gaining experience in your area of interest is so important. The more experience you have, the more competitive you become and the better your chances will be to reach your career goal. A couple ways that you can gain experience are through internships and job shadowing. Internships are usually done through the course of a school year and during the summer. They can be either paid or non-paid; whether you receive a paycheck or not, the knowledge that you could potentially receive is priceless. Job shadowing gives you the chance to get a firsthand look at the duties and responsibilities of an individual holding your desired position has.

Expose yourself– Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Let everyone know what you are working towards and how you plan to get there. Advertise yourself by showing off how knowledgeable you are in your chosen area.

Network, Network, Network– Networking is the key when you are attempting to get your foot into the door. Try to make new acquaintances each and every chance you get. Who you know can play a huge part in what career opportunities are thrown your way. A great way to network with individuals within the career world is by attending fairs and expos. At these events, you will come in contact with representatives from various companies and organizations looking for fresh new talent. You also get the opportunity to learn more about numerous fields other than the one you are looking into. Who knows you may develop a new interest!

Following these tips along with showing true dedication to your career through the time you spend perfecting your skills, you will be looking over the top of the ladder in no time.

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