Reasons to Go Natural


Thinking about going natural? Here are a few reasons to give up the creamy crack for good.

By:Amanda Anderson

Natural hair is everywhere! And by everywhere, I mean in advertising campaigns for major clothing labels, the television commercials for popular brands, and it’s even making appearances on some sisters that you would have never imagined would gladly give up the creamy crack.

At a time when black women are not necessarily celebrated for our natural God given features, it is just simply beautiful to see black women gladly accepting who they really are and loving every bit of it.

Although you may see a lot of sisters boldly wearing their big, beautiful, and natural curls; you may need a little encouragement before you make the big chop or start the transition.

Here are a few reasons to consider going natural.

1. It’s The Healthiest Option for Your Hair

Sure relaxers might look good, but they surely are not good for your hair. Beauticians everywhere will tell you that they have great products to protect your relaxed hair from damage, but the truth is relaxers and most of the products beauticians offer are really just toxic chemicals. Chemicals are known to cause damage to relaxed hair overtime, and it’s no shocker that chemicals are the reason why so many sisters experience hair breakage, thinning, chemical burns. hair loss, and excessive dryness.

Those with natural hair tend to forsake the chemicals all together. There are many natural resources used for natural hair care, and healthier hair is a result of using these natural alternatives. It is no coincidence that natural hair is stronger than relaxed hair.

By going natural, you will experience less shedding and will be able to enjoy a head of thick beautiful hair.

2. You Will Save Money and See Less of The Salon

It’s no secret that sisters spend much of their hard earned money on maintaining their relaxed hair. Monthly trips to the salon can be very expensive, and relaxed hair must be maintained to minimize damage.

Once you give up the creamy crack, you will basically be giving up your beautician. You will no longer need a stylist as often as you did with relaxed hair, and you will be able to care for your own hair.

You will hear some women say they rather relax their hair because relaxed hair is easier to maintain, but there are plenty of natural sisters that wash their hair and go. When you learn how to style your natural hair, you will find that it isn’t really that hard to maintain natural hair like you thought it would be.

Although there is a learning curve for maintaining and styling natural hair, there are plenty of tutorials out there to help you learn quickly. Before you know it, you will be rocking your natural hair with the best of them.

3. Natural Hair Is More Versatile Than Relaxed Hair

Sure it may seem like relaxed hair offers a diverse range of ways to style your hair, but it is no where near as versatile as natural hair.

Only those with natural hair can wear straight hair one day and rock their beautiful natural curls the next. And when you have natural hair, there will not be a need to chemically alter you hair to wear any hair style. You can wear braids, rock an afro, straighten it, keep it kinky…the sky is the limit.

4. It is God Given

Let’s be honest here, God did not give us straight hair. We were all born with kinky hair, and God obviously thought it was more fitting that we have this type of hair.

Although some of us may choose to relax our hair, even that creamy crack won’t keep your God given hair from coming back.

By sporting your natural hair, you are basically showing God that you appreciate the hair that he gave you in the first place.

5. It Will Give You Some Major Confidence

Although a lot of black women are wearing their natural hair, everyone has not grown accustomed to it just yet. To put it more bluntly, European beauty is still the standard to some. Straight hair and European features still equals beauty to some people. So it takes a very confident woman to wear her naturally kinky hair.

If you sat down and had a chat with natural sisters, you will find that many of them are some of the most confident black women on the planet. And if you asked them how they got that way, I am sure that they would tell you that giving up the creamy crack has done wonders for their confidence.

Part of the reason they feel so beautiful (and look it) is because they are being the women that God created them to be. And if that isn’t a confidence booster, I don’t know what is!

Now I am not trying to say that sisters who choose the creamy crack are any less beautiful, black or less confident; but I am saying that any black woman who has the courage to wear her natural hair is a bad woman indeed.

If you’re still not sure if natural hair is for you, make sure you do a little research to find out what is really required to make the transition. Be sure to talk to those who are natural, and ask them what it took for them to make the change. Ask them about their process, and how long it took them to get adjusted. Make the best decision for you, but do not keep relaxing your hair out of fear. Like the old folks used to say:

“God don’t make no mistakes.”


  1. This post was very appreciated. I've been struggling with the decision to go natural and after reading this I think its time to give up the creamy crack for awhile.

  2. I have been natural for almost 5 yrs. and I must say that I LOVE IT! Transitioning between the short afro to the longer one is probably the most difficult. I never braided my hair, but could have. Once you get that big hair you are sure to wonder why you had not done it sooner. If you need a change you can still press it occassionally.

  3. @ CrystalCongrats on 5 years! I am transitioning now and I can't wait to be completely natural. This is an exciting time for me. I am so happy to see sisters giving up the relaxers and weaves.


  5. @ AnonGirl…I had withdraws too when I first went natural. But the thing that kept me from going back to creamy crack was how healthy my natural hair was. And I also knew I could straighten it and get the same look whenever I wanted to with a perm. You'll get through it!

  6. For a long time I chose perms over my Natural hair, I never really knew what it was to appreciate what god gave me and enjoy my Natural hair "Until Now". I realize that "Creamy Crack" isn't the best thing for my hair and that Natural Hair is so Beautiful on Black woman. I am starting a Natural Journey and some what scared, however it will be worth it.

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