Talks with God: How Often Do You Have Them?


Do you include God in your daily routine? Through prayer, be sure to include God in your life.


By: Taren Vaughan


Saying a good night prayer was what most of us were taught growing up. Right before you go to sleep, your parents told you to thank God for waking up and pray that you are safe at night. As we grow older, praying becomes or should become much more important to us. The obstacles that we have a tendency to face as adults are much more complex than those we faced as children. As an adult, you are aware of what is right and what is wrong so you pray for the strength to do what is pleasing in the sight of God. This strength comes from true, genuine prayer.

So when is it the “right” time to pray?

Some people have their talks with God multiple times a day. Each and every person is different. Your talks with God can be public or very private. The most important thing to remember about praying is that you can never do too much of it.

Sometimes people have the misconception that prayer should only happen once or twice a day. This is simply just not true. Pray as much as you need to and always remember: There is no such thing as “over-praying”.


  1. I definitely agree. Anytime and all the time are the right times to pray. I find myself having ongoing conversations with God throughout the day.

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