The Danger of Political Parties

Are political parties keeping the country from overcoming the economic crisis of the recession?

By: Amanda Anderson

When we look at the economy and continue to see the Republicans and the Democrats fight like little kids on the playground, I can’t help but feel for President Obama. During the election, the President was so ambitious and believed he could make so many changes to a country with so many economic hurdles.

This is the same man that campaigned on “Change.”

The President had a plan. He was going to finally be the one to tackle a broken health care system, make higher education affordable, and put the American people back to work.

The only problem is he seems to be the only one that wants to change anything. His own party won’t develop the courage to pass a bill although they are the majority, the Republicans have mastered a way to scare the hell out of the American people and make the health care bill seem more like the coming of the Anti-Christ, and the President’s approval rating continues to decline although he has only been in office for one measly year.

And although every Conservative in America will blame the President for a lack in leadership, it does not change the fact that the Republican party is nothing more than the party of “no.” They continue to criticize the President and offer their questionable solutions, but refuse to negotiate with the Democrats.

The Republicans simply want all or nothing, and the country continues to suffer as a result. In this case, ideology is more important than the people.

And the Democrats are just as guilty as those on the right. There is not an aggressive leader anywhere in that party. And President Obama is not the exception to that fact. Although he is starting to step up to the plate, the remainder of the Democratic party has failed in leadership.

The ridiculous part is that most of the country believes the health care bill is awful. The Democrats have allowed the Republicans to communicate what constitutes the bill, and Americans have no idea how the health care bill will help them and their families. They have been told that it will ruin the country, and support for the President is disappearing.

I am sure we can all agree that most Americans are in the middle when it comes to politics. We can see points from both sides, but since we are country that is big on labels, we feel the need to choose a political label. That label is not without its ideological identity, and ideology will not fix the economy. As the current political climate has shown, ideology hinders progression. This is the main reason that I am an Independent, and will probably remain that way.

Regardless of what the approval ratings show, it is not too late for the President. He simply needs to take control of the message and tell the Americans how this health care bill will help them. He needs to communicate that it will lower premiums, keep Americans from being turned down for pre-existing conditions, and provide affordable coverage to Americans who are not currently insured.

Sure the sound of a government ran insurance sounds scary to Conservatives, but the amount of Americans losing their homes due to health care is more frightening to me. If either party truly cares about the people, they need to find common ground. All or nothing is not realistic in such a moderate country.

Until then, I support the President. He genuinely wants to fix the country, and a soon as Congress gets the balls to work with him, I believe he will do just that.

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  1. I cosign 100% with this post. It's absolutely ridiculous that people are not willing to try and do what is right for Americans. All they care about is how many seats they can get in Congress while doing all they can to ensure that President Obama will not serve a second term.

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