Beyonce Opens Cosmetology Center In Brooklyn

By: Amanda Anderson

Beyonce is staying busy and adding a new venture to her long list of accomplishments:

Her very own cosmetology center.

On March 5, Beyonce cut the ribbon to the Beyonce Cosmetology Center. The singer says the project has always been a dream for her and her mother, and she was pleased to be able to tackle a cause while starting her very own cosmetology program.

The singer’s cosmetology training programs lasts for seven months, and all the products used in the program have been donated by L’Oreal, the company in which Beyonce currently serves as a spokesperson.

Beyonce and her mother have also agreed to donate $100,000 to the center and school is located at Phoenix House in downtown Brooklyn.

Phoenix House is a non profit recovery center that focuses on providing help to those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.

The Phoenix House is a familiar place to the singer since it was the center she visited in order to prepare for her role in Cadillac Records, in which she played a young Etta James.

The class is available to both men and women who desire cosmetology training.

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