Rihanna Breaks Billboard Record for Top 10 Hits

By Treasure White

Rihanna delivered her 4th studio album “Rated R” last fall competing with the likes of Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga for top spots in 2009. She’s now making history, according to Billboards, as the only female artist posting the most Hot 100 top 10’s for this past decade. Her 3rd single “Rude Boy,” reached #8 in Billboards top ten this week, amidst poor album sales her premiere release.

Some may hate on RiRi’s scantly clad persona and questionable relationship with Chris Brown, but one thing is undeniable… homegirl can produce hits. Rihanna has managed to surpass Beyonce’s 13 hits and equal with Ludacris with 14 top 10’s. Jay-Z still reigns supreme at 15 but with the rate this Barbados native is moving, the industry should expect another top 10 in the future.

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