Get The Most From Your Bronzer

Here are some ways to get more out of your bronzer.

By:Amanda Anderson

As a mocha kissed sister, you don’t have to worry too much about tanning your skin. But although we are naturally blessed with a beautiful dose of color, a really great bronzer can add a beautiful glow that will enhance your skin tone.

Bronzers come in two different forms: loose powder, compact, sprays, gels, and liquid (lotion).

Although you will have to discover for yourself with version works best for you, you may not be getting the most out of your bronzer. If you have tried to use a bronzer and you haven’t gotten the glow effect that you were looking for, it may be time to discover some new ways to get the most out of your bronzer.

The best bronzers will bring out your natural skin tone. When selecting a bronzer, find one that will work with your complexion, it should properly highlight the undertones of your shade. Stay away from any product that is too light or too dark for your unique complexion.

If you are using any of the liquid bronzers such as the lotions, gels, and sprays; you will probably notice that they tend to work better when they are used all over the body. If you do not use the liquid bronzer all over and attempt to blotch your face and body as you would with the powder/compact bronzer, you will find that you will look as if you are sporting two shades. The two tone look never works well for anybody.

When using a powder bronzer, a really great brush can work wonders. Big brushes tend to do well in spreading the bronzer evenly on the face. Too much powder bronzer will create the caked up and messy look. So make sure you practice applying the bronzer so you will get adjusted to which amount works properly.

Bronzers with a hint of metallics or glitter tend to create the most impressive sun kissed glow. Brands such as the Cover Girl Cheek Enhancers bronzers contain a hint of glitter, and produce the most impeccable glow.

Experiment plenty and select a bronzer that highlights your natural skin tone the best.

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