Product Review: Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Serum

Product review of Organic Root Simulators’ Fertilizing Serum

By: Treasure White

Common issues amongst women, especially ladies gracefully aging into their 40s, is hair loss and decreased hair growth. Hair maintenance, stress, genetics, medications, and disease complications all play part in recurrent hair loss. For women of color, maintaining a thick, full mane of hair can be especially difficult when suffering damage from routine chemical treatments over an extended period of time. This is one of the main reasons why I resorted to a hair restoration system. Burns sustained from chemical relaxers virtually destroyed all the hair follicles around my hairline. I moved from a forehead to a five-head within 2-years of extensive chemical damage. On top of that, hormonal issues linked to an under-active thyroid further complicated the excessive hair loss.

Organic root stimulator has created a unique product included in their Hair & Scalp Restoration System. The product is proposed to “enhance the scalp condition for healthier looking hair”.
How it works? According to the company website:

• Blended with over 12 herbal extracts to revive thinning hair in all affected areas especially around the temples, and top of the head
• Exfoliates the scalp, stimulates circulation and nourishes emerging hair shafts
• Vitamins and amino acids, were created to exfoliate and increase lipid production and balance hair-growth stunting DHT

The company specified that the serum should be used on natural hair and their temple balm is more elect for relaxed hair. A cosmetologist (not representing the company) assured me that using either product would be sufficient for most hair types and produce nearly the same results. I opt from using the temple balm because I didn’t care for the texture and scent. The label instructed a patch test should be used in the event of an allergic reaction. Did the test…and passed.

The directions instruct users to apply 1-3 drops of Serum to thinning area(s). The drops cannot be applied to the nape area. I guess to avoid back hair (not a good look ladies). The product is then massaged with fingers for full penetration and applied twice daily in the morning and at night. Typical results are supposed to occur within in 8 to 12 weeks, but immediately I began to see progress after 1 month. My edges have since started to grow (not yet to it’s original thickness) and I’ve observed the growth of baby hairs I haven’t seen since kindergarten. I feel the results are positive based on this product stimulated the production of follicles I thought was forever gone from chemical burns. My hopes for the comings months is using this product is thickening in my hairline.

In addition to the serum, I practiced weekly Hair care maintenance using the company’s Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo and their Olive Oil Replenishing conditioner. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a fairly inexpensive product aiding in hair restoration. Growing up, I was always complimented for having long, dark, and luscious hair falling to my bra-line. Loosing a lot of hair in recent events has triggered an emotional roller coaster. I hope many women experiencing the same issues can relate and for that reason I write this review, reaching out to you.

Retail value: $12.99

Warnings: Closely follow directions according to product label. It is directed to Discontinue use of Fertilizing Serum “7 days before or 7 days after all chemical services.”

Here are my before photos:

* This review is not intended to assist in the diagnosis, prevention, or cure of any disease. Before using this product, consult the aid of a professional. Results will vary. We make every effort to assure the accuracy of product information; we do not assume any liability for inaccuracies, including price discrepancies. *


  1. wow just imagine the results you would see in another month. I am using the product for almost 3 weeks now, i am seeing some results but not significant yet. I am an east indian male by the way

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