Be Careful When It Comes To The “L” Word

You should be careful when using the “L” word.

By: Taren Vaughan



Depending on how you use it, the word “love” can take on many different meanings. For instance, the quote “I Love You”. This quote is used towards family members, friends and significant others. When you change it up and add an extra word to it, it takes on a totally different meaning. Being in love with someone is something that people really take seriously. At this point, your feelings for the person have surpassed the like or infatuation stage and have become something so much more.



We finally build up enough nerve to express how we feel. We tell our significant other that we love them only to discover that the feeling is not mutual. Are we at fault for pressuring them? Has our confession led the other person to respond with a fake “I Love You Too”.

People have a tendency to respond like this because it sounds good at that moment. They know that’s what you want to hear and they don’t want to upset you. But don’t you deserve to hear the truth instead?

If you know that you are not truly in love with someone or do not harbor similar feelings, be honest with them. You’ll be doing both you and your partner a huge favor. Now I am not saying that they will have the best reaction to the news. A few tears may be shed, voices may raise but who knows what may happen. The person may actually be very understanding about what you have told them.

Regardless of whether you genuinely love someone or are in a loving, committing relationship with them, don’t just casually throw the word around. The word “love” should really hold a lot of meaning to you.

So a word of advice, beware of how and when you use that word called “love”. When used carelessly, the outcome can sometimes be WAY more than you bargained for.

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