Education: Racism on UC Campus Gets Out of Control

Tension rises on UC’s campus due to a string of
racist incidents.

By: Amanda Anderson

In the last couple of months, racial tension has been growing on the campus of the University of California-San Diego. The African Americans students have had to endure some of the most heinous acts meant to mock the culture. The school’s administration is being forced to not only provide answers to students, but also put a stop to the racial division that the University is currently facing.

In the month of February, a controversial party was thrown on campus to mock Black History Month. Selected students received invitations to a “Compton Cookout,” in which they were asked to dress up like African Americans. Women were asked to come as “ghetto chicks” with “nappy hair.” Party goers arrived in black face, and were all served stereotypical black foods such as watermelon, fried chicken, and malt liquor. The party was allegedly thrown by a group of fraternity members from the University.

The African American student body became outraged, and immediately began to protest outside the offices of University administration. Black leaders have joined together to come up with solutions to ease the racial tension on UC’s campus.

Immediately following the racist “cookout” incident, the following month was not without campus incidents fueled by racism.

This month, a noose was found hanging at the school’s library after hours. Although a student has been taken into custody for the hate crime, it is evident that the University has a real problem on its hands.

The most interesting part of the whole story is students are claiming that the “Compton Cookout” was not the doing of fraternity members. Apparently, the party was thrown by a black man who is not even a student of the University.

The black man they are referring to goes by the name of “Jiggaboo Jones.”

Jiggaboo Jones allegedly planned the entire event and promoted the event on Youtube prior to the day of the party.

In a recent Youtube rant, he goes on to say that the party was just a joke. He also appears to be angry that anyone would find the party offensive. Some people believe that Jiggaboo Jones is just a character using controversy to make a quick profit at the expense of African Americans. I can say that by the looks of the video, I agree with that claim. It’s hard to take this man seriously, and the video seems like some sick joke.

Although there is in fact a Youtube video of Jiggaboo Jones promoting the party, University officials have not yet confirmed or denied that they party was a product of any of the students.

If you want to check out the video from Jiggaboo Jones, you will find it here.

We refuse to post the video due to the high usage of profanity and disrespectful statements against African Americans.

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