First Lady Michelle Obama Expected To Give Three Commencement Speeches

First Lady prepares to give commencement addresses this upcoming spring.

By: Taren Vaughan
As a college graduate, one of the most memorable moments of your graduation ceremony is the commencement speech. The speeches are very motivational and sometimes receive standing ovations from the audience. But how much more memorable would it be if the speech was given by the First Lady of the United States?

Even before she became First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama was ready to let her voice be heard. On numerous occasions, First Lady Michelle Obama has delivered speeches to thousands of people all over the country. Although she has spoken at other commencement ceremonies in the past, the very first place on her list for this year holds a lot of significance.

The first commencement address will be given at the beginning of May at The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. The location where this commencement address will take place holds a historical significance behind it. The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is the oldest HBCU in Arkansas. First Lady Obama’s second stop is scheduled for The George Washington University. This trip is contingent upon The George Washington University’s staff, faculty and students completion of 100,000 hours of community service. It will definitely be worth it.

Last but not least, the graduating senior class at Anacostia Senior High School will hear a few inspiring words from our First Lady. This is not the first time that the First Lady has met students of Anacostia Senior High School . She visited the school during the spring of last year. Although all of First Lady Obama’s speeches have meaning behind them, the commencement addresses are highly valued. Her words have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on a future doctor, teacher, engineer or journalist.

We are all aware of the fact that President Obama is very gifted when it comes to giving speeches. But First Lady Michelle Obama can deliver a pretty powerful message herself.

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