Give Wholeheartedly Or Don’t Give At All

Do you give because you want to or because it’s what we are supposed to do?

By: Taren Vaughan

The act of giving can come in many forms. Someone can give their time, money or material possessions to a person in need. Having a giving spirit is a wonderful character trait to possess but do you give because you truly want to?

There are individuals out there who give just so that they can get something in return. As a giver, you must realize that you should not expect people to return the favor. Maybe the person you gave that $5 bill to the other day really can’t afford to pay you back.

When you give wholeheartedly, you don’t think twice about it. You also don’t have to profess to the world that you did something nice for someone else. “Silent” givers are blessed by God just like those who make their acts of giving public.

The true joy of giving comes from knowing that you had the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than you. I don’t look to be rewarded for my good deeds. The fact that I was able to make someone’s day is enough for me.

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