Beyonce’s ‘Heat’ Makes $3 Million In One Month

Superstar Beyonce’s new fragrance “Heat” sells $3 million in one month.

By: Amanda Anderson

Beyonce has proven over the last few years that she is more than a Pop Star, she is indeed one of the most lucrative brands in the entertainment industry. And the success of her latest fragrance proves she has managed to create an empire that does not seem to show any signs of shrinking anytime soon.

Beyonce’s latest perfume entitled Heat, has managed to sell $3 million in ONE MONTH. Yes you read correctly, $3 million in ONE MONTH.

The fragrance just launched last month, exclusively for Macy’s, selling around 72,000 bottles in the first hour during Beyonce’s in person appearance in New York.

The scent is said to be a mix of magnolia, blush peach, and neroli. The perfume is selling for around $39-$59 at Macy’s locations, as well as online.

Here’s footage from the launch that took place last month:

Congrats to Beyonce.

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