Natural Cures For Bad Acne

Natural ways to cure bad cases of acne.

By: Amanda Anderson

One of the worst problems any woman will ever encounter in her beauty regime is the reoccurring presence of bad acne. Acne has a presence strong enough to ruin one’s self-esteem, and also make it difficult to see one’s true beauty. Although there are numerous products available that claim to tackle bad cases of acne, most of these products include chemicals that may not be the best option for long term skin care. Even the products prescribed by Dermatologists may prove to be too strong for your skin.

Before you get frustrated with the effects of these toxic alternatives, there are natural means that can drastically increase the presence of acne if properly used. While one’s skin type will play a huge part in which natural solutions will be the most effective, natural cures will not cause as much damage as most acne products that contain too many chemicals. Here are some natural alternatives for battling bad acne that you just can’t seem to rid yourself of.

Change Your Diet

If you have been battling acne for quite some time, you are probably well aware that our diets can cause a lot of acne problems. Although not every acne case is a result of a poor diet, most people find that the foods that they consume are responsible for their breakouts. Before you begin to focus on clearing your skin, make sure that your diet is the first item on your agenda to eliminating acne.

Milk products can cause bad acne for most people. If you have bad acne, make sure that you are not consuming too many diary products daily. If you find it hard to give up dairy products, begin to use soy products instead.

Caffeine is also a cause for bad acne. Limit your caffeine intake, and try to cut out as much chocolate and coffee as possible. As you limit caffeine, you should immediately begin to see a difference in your skin. Alcohol should also be taken in smaller amounts, as it can cause acne problems. Smokers should also be advised that nicotine can cause acne problems as well.

Sugar causes breakouts, so try to stay away from sweets while increasing your vegetable and fruit intake. Five servings of fruits and vegetables daily is a great start to battling acne.

When it comes to meat consumption, some meats are better than others for those hoping to overcome acne. Red meats should be consumed no more than three times a week, and fried foods pose the most risk. Try to prepare your foods by baking, boiling, and grilling verses frying.

Organic foods are great for those wishing to eliminate their acne troubles, and foods that contain lower saturated fats are best. Try to stay away from foods that contain way too much fiber. Fiber is harder for the body to digest in most cases, which can cause acne and digestive problems.

Water should also be a huge factor in your diet, try to decrease the intake of juices and sodas while increasing the intake of water. Doctors suggest that drinking 8oz a day is a pathway to great skin.

Get Your Vitamins (And Minerals)

Acne problems can also be a result of a lack of the vitamins that play a crucial role in maintaining great skin. When the body lacks the sufficient amount of vitamins, it will begin to fight back by clogging your pores. And clogged pores produce acne. So if you are serious in eliminating acne, you will need to get serious about your vitamin intake.

Vitamin A, B, B 5, B 6, B 12, C and E are the essential vitamins needed when dealing with acne. While it may be convenient to just use vitamin supplements in order to get these vitamins daily, it is wise to avoid taking too many supplements. The intake of too many supplements can cause harm to your body. The best way to get these specific nutrients is to consume foods that are rich in these essential vitamins. It is also effective to take multivitamins that contain the important nutrients.

Additional minerals that will play a crucial role in improving your skin are zinc, chromium, bilberry, flaxoseed oil, selenium, and lyopene. Make sure that your multivitamin also includes these nutrients as well.

Fix Your Face Regime

You would think that washing your face dozens of times will increase your likelihood to developing great skin. However, when it comes to acne, less is better.

You should wash your face twice a day and use a sulfur based acne soap. Avoid scrubbing your face and make sure to be extremely gently while washing. Honey masks are also great for acne as they naturally contain antibacterial ingredients. Apply a honey mask to your face once or twice a week to see a difference in your skin.

A clean pillowcase will also put an end to acne problems. While you sleep, bacteria from your face will be left on the pillow. By washing your pillowcase often, you will be able to drastically decrease the amount of acne your skin will absorb over night. Weekly washes are ideal.

Keep your fingers and hands off of your face and try to avoid squeezing any pimples. Also make sure you remove all make-up before going to bed, and try to keep your hair out of your face as much as possible. Most hair products are strong enough to irritate skin and cause blemishes.

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