Beyonce’s A Big Sister Again

The DNA results are in and Matthew Knowles is a father AGAIN.

By: Amanda Anderson

For the last couple of months, industry insiders have been whispering that Matthew Knowles, father and manager of Beyonce Knowles, has impregnated a woman outside the marriage. And while there wasn’t much proof originally, eyebrows raised when the word got out that he and Tina Knowles would be divorcing.

TMZ reports that the DNA results are in, and Knowles is indeed the father of the baby boy. The mother, Alexsandra Wright, is currently negotiating with Matthew Knowles for the child support settlement. In the month of October, Matthew was ordered to pay $8,200 in child support. He also paid $10,000 in January to pay for uninsured medical costs and additional needs for the child.

Wright also states that she has been in an 18 month relationship with Knowles. This may have been the last straw for Tina Knowles, who filed for divorce last year.

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