Is Rihanna Learning To Play The Drums From Travis Barker?

Rihanna gets drum lessons for Blink 182’s Travis Barker.

By: Amanda Anderson

Rihanna must be reading the celebrity gossip blogs these days and taking notes, because the singer is definitely working on improving her stage presence. The singer has always been a hit with her fashion and fun to watch for every fashionista, but her performances have been known to be duds. With the release of this last album Rated R, it’s evident that Rihanna is trying to change that.

While Rude Boy sits pretty on the top of the Billboard charts, Rihanna has surprised critics everywhere with her new dance moves. Rude Boy has to be one of the most interesting videos we have ever seen from Rihanna, and she actually dances quite a bit in it as well.

So why get drum lessons from Travis Barker the other day?

I suspect she wants to implement drums into her upcoming performances. Don’t be surprised if we start seeing Rihanna wailing on the drums on her next tour.

Travis Barker also spoke on giving Rihanna drum lessons:

“Teaching Rihanna some things on drums. She JAMS!!!!! Watch out for her!”

I have a feeling that Rihanna has something pretty awesome in store.

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  1. Ha! Rihanna's not slock, she is going right after Beyonce's crown. She has even started dancing during her performances too. Go Rih.

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