New Gallup Poll Shows Increase In Support For Health Care Bill

New Gallup Poll shows surge in support of Health Care bill.

By: Amanda Anderson
Just only a couple days after the historical health care reform bill was passed, a new study conducted by the Gallup organization shows that there has been a surge in support of the bill. While the Republican Party is working diligently to put a stop to the recently passed bill, Americans are beginning to support the bill that the majority once feared. Could it be that President Obama has managed to convince the American people that this bill is actually good for the country? Have the Democrats managed to change the tone of the Health Care debate that has clearly been in the favor of the Republicans?

The Gallup Poll shows that 49-40% of Americans believe the passing of the bill is a good thing.

48% of Americans believe that the new legislation is a good first step, although changes are needed. 30% believe that the bill makes the wrong types of changes.

The figures are surprising considering that just a few weeks ago, most of the country was said to be against the bill. The findings also indicate that the country is more supportive when President Obama gets aggressive and controls the conversation. And if Obama really wants a second term, he needs to continue doing just that.


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