Tidbits: Keri Hilson Talks Her Body And Gives Her Fitness Secrets

Singer Keri Hilson shares her secrets to maintaining her fabulous shape.

By: Amanda Anderson

Keri Hilson has found plenty success with her debut album In A Perfect World. While she may be no stranger to the Billboard charts, she has definitely made her mark with her fashion and make-up choices. She also has one of the best bodies in the business, and she recently shared some of her secrets to maintaining such a fabulous figure. The singer tells HollyWood Life:

“Diet? I don’t really know what that is! I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. We don’t
really do that around there, but we do work out! I think it’s all about balance.
You can kinda eat what you want to eat, but in smaller portions. It’s all about
portion control. I used to play ball, so I figure some of that is probably from
high school, but since I’ve been out here, I have learned the importance of
incline running. Like the canyon. I do Runyon Canyon [when I’m in Los Angeles].”

Keri Hilson is proof that a little exercise and a favorite sport can be critical in maintaining a great body.

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