Hong Kong-Born Singer Wants To Do Song With Alicia Keys

Potential collaboration will be a unique one for Grammy Award winning singer

By: Taren Vaughan

We all know just how talented Alicia Keys is. She has collaborated with numerous artists throughout her musical career. But this may be the most interesting collaboration for her yet.

Hong Kong-born singer/actress Leslie Loh has expressed interest in working with Keys. Although their musical styles have their differences, Loh believes that her and Alicia Keys would make a great duo considering their backgrounds in classical music:

“One person I would love to work with is Alicia Keys. I know it’s normal to get similiar styles with a collaboration-like her work with Jay-Z-but I think it could work well” -Leslie Loh

Loh, like Alicia Keys, is amazing when it comes to playing the piano. But she has always desired to dabble in the R&B and Pop/Rock genres. Working with Alicia Keys will give her the opportunity to do so.

I am looking forward to this possible collaboration. This duet could lead to more projects for Loh and Keys. Alicia Keys has yet to comment on Loh’s desire to work with her but I believe that we will hear a song from them in the near future.

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