Cervical Cancer Linked to Multiple Sex Partners

Research shows that cervical cancer can be caused by having multiple sex partners.

By: Amanda Anderson

Cervical Cancer is known as the silent killer of women of all backgrounds and racial groups. While it may not be the number one cause of death amongst women, it is surely an illness that has already taken many lives. Cervical Cancer is the third most common cancer in women. One of the biggest concerns of the illness is the lack of knowledge most women have concerning causes and preventive measures. Most medical researchers are still in the process of determining all the causes of the deadly disease, but early research findings have linked one’s sexual history to the probability of developing the cancer.

According to research, the number of sexual partners a woman has had in her lifetime plays a huge role in the likelihood of developing the cancer. Studies show that women who have had multiple sexual partners are at more risk of contracting cervical cancer than women who do not have multiple partners.

Multiple sex partners increases a woman’s chances of developing the cancer because women who have multiple partners are more likely to contract HPV (Human papillomavirus). HPV is one of the most significant causes in cervical cancer. Although there are about 46 types of HPV, there is a type that can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. This type of HPV can cause abnormal cell growth, which eventually becomes cervical cancer. Almost all cases of the cancer are caused by HPV.

In addition, a woman is greatly at risk if she sleeps with a man who has had many sexual partners. Not only is a man with a history of many partners more likely to transmit HPV, but he can also transmit cervical cancer from a partner who has the cancer.

Another important factor of a woman’s sexual history that can play a factor in being diagnosed with cervical cancer is the age she began to have sex. Research findings indicate that women who started having sex before the age of 18 are more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Although cervical cancer is deadly, it is 100% preventable.

Pap smears play a huge role in saving lives. Most women discover the cancer from pap smears. If abnormal cells are found from a pap smear, a colposcopy will be crucial to determine if a woman has developed cancer. Women should get pap smears as soon as they become sexually active, or at the age of 20 if they are not sexually active.

Safe sex is also a way to prevent developing cervical cancer. There are female and male condoms on the market now, and condoms can prevent the risk of HPV. It is also important to know that HPV can be transmitted through oral sex and skin contact. So be sure to wear a condom during oral sex and make sure your partner has been tested for HPV before any foreplay.

There are also vaccines available to prevent cervical cancer. In 2006, Gardisil was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The vaccine prevents the two forms of HPV that lead to cancer.

Smoking also causes cervical cancer. If you are a smoker, quit immediately.

While these methods are great preventive measures, the best way to protect yourself is to limit the number of sexual partners that you have. Celibacy is the best way, but the less sexual partners you have, the lower your risk may be. Also refrain from having sex with men who engage in risky sexual activities and have a high number or sexual partners.

Protect yourself and remember that your life is worth it.

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  1. This is scary. I had no idea that multiple sex partners and sex before the age of 18 causes cervical cancer. More people need to be aware of this.

  2. I had an idea about and I think more people need to talk about it! Alot of people especially on a college campus thinks that it is ok and do not understand the consequences and do not educate themselves……. I think it need to be more conversation about these types of diseases.

  3. @ 7:51A lot of people have no idea that sex is linked to cervical cancer. They don't know that having multiple sexual partners and engaging in sex before the age of 18 are the main causes of the cancer. This is one of the reasons we wanted to share this article. If you are currently in college, you should bring to this to the attention of students, and maybe create some type of awareness program so the message can be spread. People like to think that casual sex doesn't pose real problems, but that's just not the truth.Share this information with everyone you love, men and women. It will save lives.Thanks for visiting the site.-Amanda

  4. Yes, cervical cancer is definetely a killer. Cervical cancer goes unnoticed, because many women are not paying attention of what may be happening to us on the inside of our body. Many women think well if I don't see anything funny or smell anything funny then I must be ok. Having sex with anyone is a gamble, because you don't know how many sexual partners a person has had.When I decide to have sex with someone, I now look at it like I should take Universal Precautions. If I can't see anything or smell anything,I'm still going to take necessary precautions. Glove up and get some STD testing on your partner, but don't be suprise if your partner ask you to get one done too. There are several strands of HPV. Some that causes cancers and some that causes genital warts. You cannot get rid of genital warts,but your immune system may fight the virus off and it may return later in such cases when (your immune system is weak). I just think it's an unfortunate thing, because the virus is undetected until you get a papsmear that comes back abnormal. Many older women are having hysterectomies due to abnormal cervical cells that may cause cancer. Just always remember to ask your healthcare provider questions if you have any.Melo

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