Books For Belles: One In A Million By Kimberla Lawson Roby

One in a Million By Kimberla Lawson Roby

By: Taren Vaughan

New York Times Bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby always leaves her readers on the edge of their seats. Author of the Reverend Curtis Black series, Roby’s novel “One in a Million” talks about yet another couple struggling with a problem in their relationship. Like most married women, Kennedi thinks her husband is the greatest man in the world. One day she receives the most exciting news of her life and wants to share it with the love of her life. But little does she know that her “perfect” man has been up to no good. Unfortunately for him, Kennedi’s good news involves her winning a huge amount of money. After discovering her new winnings, Blake, Kennedi’s husband, attempts to make her life a living nightmare. But Blake is not the only one who is doing underhanded things to get Kennedi’s money. Readers will be shocked at some of things that Kennedi endures throughout the book but the ending of the story is something that is definitely unpredictable.

Many readers can relate to the situations that main character Kennedi faced. Dealing with a cheating husband, greedy family members and trifling friends are all things that people have to deal with on a day to day basis. In this book, the reader gets a first hand look at how money can change how people treat you and can bring unexpected visitors back into your life. It also shows how holding on to your faith in God can get you through some of the hardest times in your life. One important thing that readers should recognize is how generous Kennedi was throughout the book. Despite some of the things she had to endure, Kennedi always made sure that she kept her word.

One in a Million is a definite must read. The book reminds readers that who makes you happy can be the exact same person that ruins your life. The content of the book was not explicit at all which makes it great for readers who don’t like the excessive use of profanity. One in A Million is very entertaining from the very beginning of the story to its ending. Another positive aspect of the book is that it is short in length for those who don’t like to take days to finish a book.

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