Love like You’ve Never Been Hurt

Just how much should your past relationships impact your current relationship?

By: Amanda Anderson

Relationships are not for the weak, and in most cases, those broken never quite heal from the pain of a failed relationship. It is possible that someone may have hurt you so bad that it may seem difficult to move forward, but if you never move forward, you are only hurting yourself more than that person who hurt you. And if you really love yourself, maybe you should grow from all the emotional pain you’ve been holding on to instead of festering it.

Bad relationships are like cancer. They are silent killers and we never really know how dangerous they are until we hit the final stage of the relationship. And then, we have gotten in so deep that there really is no saving it.

But there is an actual cure to overcoming bad relationships. Anyone has access to it and it only requires a real effort on your part. And it’s called progression. You have to understand that pain is required to get to the really good stuff. You have to hurt a little before you ca start to feel good. The only way you can win after the defeat of a bad relationship is to use it as a stepping stone to genuine happiness.

When a painful relationship ends, close the door and never look back. Deal with the issues that you need to deal with. Regardless of how you feel, you cannot bring your old mess into your new relationship. And honestly, no one likes baggage. It’s heavy, raggedy, beat down, and down right unattractive. Let it go and find a lighter load to carry.

Past relationships teach us more about ourselves and provide guidance on which type of partner is best for us. What better way to learn about what you need than to date someone who doesn’t supply it? Get out here and date. You’ll learn more about yourself and your needs more than you ever imagined.

Regardless of what your girlfriends say, all men are not the same. Expect differently, and you will get it. Expect trash, and you get more garbage than a trashcan can hold. Open you heart to the possibilities, and if it doesn’t work, remember the learned lessons. And in every disappointment, there is a lesson great enough to repair all that was broken.

And when you do find the love of your life, love him like you have never been hurt. After all, he deserves a clean slate just like you deserve true happiness.

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